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Holiday Wishes for our Special Volunteer…


At the end of every year it is a time for us to reflect and also take time to thank those special people who have made a difference in the classroom. Mrs. Maher has helped me for over five years and I would like for all of us to take a moment to express our gratitude for her volunteer time spent in our classroom.  Thank you Mrs. Maher for everything that you do to help out the students.  We could not do it without you.


Giving Thanks



Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks for the many things that we have in our lives. What are you thankful for and what can you do to make Thanksgiving an even better day for someone else?


Welcome to a Brand New School Year…

shooting star

August 2016

Dear Students,

The stage has been set and it’s almost time to meet and greet the newest stars of Room 500. I am so excited to start another year with 4th graders. What are your thoughts on the new school year? Where do you want to take your learning? I hope it is to the stars and beyond. Please take a moment and share your thoughts on what you want to get out of 4th Grade this year. Remember, you are a STAR! 

Your teacher,

Ms. Best


The One and Only Ivan (One Book One School project)

There are several characters in the story “The One and Only Ivan”. Pick your favorite character and describe their character traits using evidence from the story. Explain why you think they are like this. 

Cover of The One and Only Ivan


Global Read Aloud – 2015


Our class is reading “Fish in a Tree” for our Global Read Aloud project. What are your thoughts when someone might feel as if they are a fish in a tree? What do you think could be done to make that person feel better?

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Book Sharing


Dear Class,

We all have been reading quite a bit these past few weeks.  What is your favorite book and why?  My favorite book series is the Black Lagoon book set.  I really enjoy reading about all of the antics of the characters in this series.  I used to read one of these books every day when school first started in second grade. We had a lot of laughs listening to all of the different things that happened in each book. Maybe you want me to reread a few of these books to you now that you are in fourth grade? Looking forward to hearing about your favorite book.

Your Teacher,

Ms. Best


Multiplication Madness

We have been learning many different multiplication strategies in 4th Grade.  Which one is your favorite and why?  Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Fun with Measurement

It’s been awhile and we thought we would show you what we have been learning in measurement.  Lots of measuring going on with many different items in the classroom…

2014-03-18 14.14.39 2014-03-18 14.15.29 2014-03-18 14.15.55 2014-03-18 14.25.35 2014-03-20 14.22.48

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Pumpkin Fun

On Thursday, October 31st we had a whole lot of fun with pumpkins.  Our class participated in a state-wide Pumpkin Activity.  The students got to practice their estimation and measurement skills.  It was a little eerie for some of them when they had to put their hand into the pumpkin to dig out the seeds.  All in all, it was a very eventful project where students had to practice their mathematical skills.  We ended up with a pumpkin that weighed approx. 4 pounds with over 450 seeds.  Who would have ever thought that such a small pumpkin could produce so many seeds!  To end our project a classroom mom (Mrs. Rock) took our seeds home and baked them into a yummy treat. 

We would love to hear comments about our project.

2013-10-31 10.31.362013-10-31 10.57.282013-10-31 11.23.322013-10-31 11.24.22


Johnny Appleseed “Inspectors”



Our class became official “Johnny Appleseed” inspectors on September 26th in honor of his birthday.   Students had to examine the inside and outside of an apple. They then had to describe in writing what they saw.  This they did very well as true apple inspectors have to take this job very seriously.  After all, we were honoring a very important man who spent his life planting apple seeds.  Take a look at some of their findings.

Some of the students also compared and contrasted the nutritional food labels of an “Apple vs. Apple Teddy Bear Grahams”.  Be sure to ask them questions about this on our Blog.




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