19 Sep 2013

Student Blogging Challenge Week 2- Slideshow Presentation

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 What Makes Arizona Such an Incredible Place?

There’s no place on earth with as diverse a selection of environments and landscapes.

View the slide show and then, tell us which site impressed you the most, and why it impressed you so greatly.

5 Responses to “Student Blogging Challenge Week 2- Slideshow Presentation”

  1. Miss W. Says:

    G’day Mrs Carpenter and students,
    These photos brought back memories of my time in Arizona. I went to the ghost town with Mrs Watanabe and her children. I visited the Grand Canyon and went on the skywalk. I drove across the Hoover Dam. I went through Tortilla Flat when I drove the Apache trail. I visited Tombstone to check out my namesake Wyatt Earp. I also went to the Yuma Prison (extremely hot that day).

  2. Mrs. Ligon Says:

    Dear Cougars!
    I would first like to commend you on doing such a fabulous job of creating a wonderful slideshow about our great state! After living in Arizona for 31 years, there is still so much that I need to see. The one place that I want to visit the most is Kartchner Caverns. I have had the opportunity to visit Capricorn Caves in Australia and I would love to be able to compare and contrast the two underground wonders.

    Mrs. Ligon

  3. Lydia Henry Says:

    Dear Friends,
    What an amazing job you did! I too have lived in Arizona all my 60 years, way more than Mrs. Ligon has. Thank you for creating a wonderful blog about our state. Thank you for sharing with us your research. Keep on writing. Go, Go Cougars!

    From a Native of Arizona,
    Mrs. Henry

  4. Mrs. Castelhano Says:

    Dear Students,
    What a great slideshow of all the amazing places in Arizona! I enjoyed reading all of the interesting facts about each place. I remember when the Biosphere was being built and I loved going to Slide Rock in Sedona when I was growing up. There were some great pictures you added in your slides. I especially like the Four Corners. The pictures help to visualize the information being told. Thank you for sharing this! I look forward to more research in the future! Way to go Cougars!

    Mrs. Castelhano


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