16 Sep 2013

Student Blogging Challenge #2 Directions

Author: Tracy Watanabe | Filed under: Student Blogging Challenge

Our classes will create a slideshow with areas to visit in Arizona.

Your steps:
1) Brainstorm areas in Arizona to visit.
2) Get in groups of four. Two students are researchers to find interesting facts about the place. Two students are the writers, composing a paragraph to share with others.

3) One student will create the slide show with only two slides. Share it with your group and Mrs. Carpenter. Slide one will be of your own photo. Slide two will contain the paragraph. The paragraph should include:

  • Title (where)
  • Why you should visit
  • Facts (the most important three)
  • Click here for more information — Note: Place a hyperlink to your research on the word “here” by highlighting the word “here” then click the chain link icon to paste link in.

Note: If you need to use photos that are not your own, then search on flickrcc.bluemountains.net

Make sure you add text to the slide with who the photographer was and place a link back to the original.

Siphon Draw from Lost Dutchman State Park - Superstition Wilderness
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Al_HikesAZ via Compfight

Where are you researching?


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