8 Sep 2013

Student Blogging Challenge

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Being a good citizen is important in our physical communities as well as our digital communities. It’s also important to build a positive digital dossier.

What does your digital dossier say about you?

Online norms

Mrs. Carpenter also believes in building positive digital footprints by being a good digital citizen. Here are a few ideas from Common Sense Media to help you be a good digital citizen:

  • Communicate responsibly and respectfully to one another. Respect others’ opinions and ideas.
  • Protect your own and others’ private information online.
  • Stand up to cyberbullying.
  • Give proper credit where credit is due.

What other norms would you add to this list?

Quality commenting

On this blog, you are expected to write quality comments. A quality comment will include these components:

Created by Tracy Watanabe on Glogster Edu. Tips learned from Linda Yollis & Class.

What tips help you compose a quality comment?

About this blog

Mrs. Carpenter entered the Student Blogging Challenge, and this is the first week of the challenge.
Your first challenge this week is to write an “About Page” for your blog, telling others about your blog. Some ideas include:

Note: When your About Page is updated, go to the Student Blogging Challenge and fill out the form with your URL.

Question mark made of puzzle pieces

Questions to ponder

Reply to at least one of these questions.

  • Why is building a positive digital dossier or being a good digital citizen important?
  • What norms would you add to your class blog?
  • Why are composing quality comments important?
  • What would you like to see on your About Page?

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