5 Apr 2012

Cold War

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1. ” Why did the United States and Russia have so much tension between them during the Cold War?” (2nd hour’s contribution)

2. “Of all the tensions between the U.S. and Russia(U.S.S.R.), what was the biggest of all?” (4th hour’s contribution)

[You may answer one of these questions or both. It is your choice. When you answer these question, use as much specific information as you can.  Actual names, dates and places is essential in a well written blog or blog comment.]

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  1. Rachel-3 Says:

    The Cold War had tension between the USSR and the US because neither of them wanted to start a real war. They were basically just threatening each other and using brinkmanship against one another; but neither wanted to have another war because of all the damages. They had just gotten out of World War II and were still recovering and cleaning up. Another war would have just added to that.

    • Tyler C. 4 Says:

      That is all true but the reason they were arguing in the first place is because the U.S. was a democratic nation, and the U.S.S.R. was a communist nation. And they were trying to spread democracy/communism around the world.

    • Nathaniel-4 Says:

      I agree with you. What were they threatening each other with or by?

      • Rachel--3 Says:

        Nathaniel, they were threatening each other with nuclear weapons and armies. Along with intelligence (like going into space and going to the moon).

    • Nathaniel-4 Says:

      Good job with it, but they didn’t want to start a war because of the costs and everything that went with that.

  2. Casey- 3 Says:

    During World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union fought together as allies against the Axis powers. However, the relationship between the two nations was a tense one. Americans had long been wary of Soviet communism and concerned about Russian leader Joseph Stalin’s tyrannical, blood-thirsty rule of his own country. For their part, the Soviets resented the Americans’ decades-long refusal to treat the USSR as a legitimate part of the international community as well as their delayed entry into World War II, which resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of Russians.

    • Gaby-2 Says:

      I like how you explained this. And how was their relationship tense?

      • Sabrina-2 Says:

        Gaby, During WW2 the two countries were briefly allies. At the end of the war, the first signs of post-war mistrust and hostility began to appear between the two countries, escalating into the Cold War, a period of tense, strained relations.

      • Casey-3 Says:

        Well, they were tense because they were both ever powerful countries. A race broke out between the two countries, the winner of the race would become the world’s most powerful country. During the cold war there was also a race between the two countries to be the first to be in outer space. The Soviet Union were the first to launch a satellite, which was called Sputnik I. The United States, however, were the first to land on the moon.

        • Gaby-2 Says:

          Thank you for explaining that to me. And also right after Sputnik 2, Explorer 1 was the first American satellite to reach orbit.

        • Kaylyn-2 Says:

          Good job Casey!! Very good.When the United States landed on the moon, do you know who they sent into space? Your probably thinking a human right? Well, it wasn’t a human. It was a dog. Her name was Liaka.The United States didn’t have the right equipment for a human. So they sent Liaka.

    • Kaylyn -2 Says:

      Good job you did great!

    • GIsselle - 6 Says:

      Why did they refuse it ?

  3. Justin-4 Says:

    Out of all of the tension Poland was the biggest tension of all.

  4. Ben-3 Says:

    The reason for the tension between the USSR and the U.S. during the Cold War, was that America was Capitalist, meaning the people are mostly free, and the USSR was communist, meaning everything is owned by the government. As a result, they both tried to undermine each others’ influence and power around the world. The biggest tension between these two, was the humongous amount of WMDs(Weapons of Mass Destruction) they both had access to.

    • Casey-3 Says:

      Good, you are right, they were the biggest problem, but do you know why?

      • Ben-3 Says:

        WMD’s were the biggest problem the Cold War because of the theory of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), which many people believed in. MAD says that if the USSR and the U.S. were to go to war they would use their WMD’s for warfare, instead of troops. MAD also said that the use of these weapons would result in the extinction of the human race, because of how much death and destruction numerous Hydrogen and Atomic bombs could cause when combined together.

  5. Bryce- 2 Says:

    The Cold war was a game of “Tug of War” between J.F.K
    and the Russian leader. Neither one wanted to stand down and take down their missIles.

    • Eyerin 2 Says:

      You did an awesome job doing this! And I know you can put more information about the J.F.K.

    • Haylee-2 Says:

      Very good Bryce, and do you know where the US and the USSR kept their missiles at?

    • Jackie-4 Says:

      You wrote that very well but you might want to add who the Russian leader was. Just in case you didn’t know, the Russian leader was Joseph Stalin.

    • Morgan-3 Says:

      The “Tug of War” was a good reference, but why did they (U.S. and Russia) have missiles there(U.S. in turkey and Russia in Cuba)?

    • James- 4 Says:

      Neither one of them wanted to stand down because they were both afraid if they backed off, another war would be started.

    • Kassy--6 Says:

      This is some good information you have, but I don’t fully understand why it was called Tug of War. Can you please explain further what that means?

      • Bryce 2 Says:

        It was called the Tug Of War because J.F.K and the Russian leader would not back down their differences, just like in a game of Tug of War.

    • GIsselle - 6 Says:

      Instead of tug of war it could be brinkmanship it all means the same thing.

  6. Eyerin 2 Says:

    Senator from Wisconsin who went on Communist “ Witch Hunts” in the 1950’s

    It all started when he gave a speech in West Virginia. McCarthy accused everyone of being a communist. A time of great fear of Communism in the US. The House Un American Activities Committee investigated suspected communist in the government and entertainment industry.

    “ Loyalty Board” investigates suspected communists in government. Over 200 suspected communists were put in jail. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were sentenced to death for being communist spies. They were responsible for giving information about the bomb.

    • Jackie-4 Says:

      You wrote that paragraph fantastically, but my question is about the last sentence that you wrote. What did you mean when you wrote, “They were responsible for giving information about the bomb.” What bomb are you talking about?

  7. Sheniah - 3 Says:

    The Soviets had many missiles pointed at the U.S. from Cuba. There was also a race to see who could get things and People into Space first.

    • Harry-4 Says:

      Very well put!

      But why was their missiles pointed at the U.S. from Cuba?

    • Jack B.-4 Says:

      Why were the missiles pointed at the United States?

    • Amber Says:

      Yes, that’s true. But there’s more to it then just that. What kind of things were they trying to get into space?

      • Sheniah - 3 Says:

        Amber, they were trying to send satellites to space. I’m sure you know that, eventually, the U.S. sent humans to space.

        Harry and Jack, The missiles were pointed at the U.S. because we also had missiles pointed at them from Turkey. We however wanted them to take the missiles down because it was a national threat, and if the missiles were fired, we may not have had time to retaliate quickly.

    • Georgie-6 Says:

      Yes, that is true, but why did Cuba want to point missiles at the U.S., and who was helping with the supplies to create the missiles?

    • Casey -3 Says:

      Very good! The Untied States beat the race of the Russians to the moon, however the Russians were first to launch a satellite called Sputnik I.

    • Yasmin-6 Says:

      You did a very good job, but what was the name of the race?

      • Haylee-2 Says:

        The name of the race was the Space Race. Both the U.S. and the Soviet Union were racing to get into space.

    • Amber Says:

      thats true. I like how you worded that!

  8. Jack B. - 4 Says:

    I think of all the tension between the U.S. and the USSR I think the time that we started competing to see who had the best weapons was most dangerous because the nuclear weapons could’ve blown up the world.

  9. Kurt - 2 Says:

    The reason there was so much tension between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. is because they were constantly worrying who would start the war (if there was going to be one). This is what started the Arms race, and the space race. They were racing to be there first in space, have nuclear weapons, etc.

  10. Justin-4 Says:

    They produced a major economic crisis in Russia.The U.S. and the U.S.S.R became rivals.

  11. James-4 Says:

    Cuba had the missiles pointed at the United States because there was a big crisis between the U.S. and Cuba.

    • Sheniah - 3 Says:

      You are right about the Missiles being pointed at us from Cuba. However are you sure the Crisis was between Cuba and the U.S.?

      • James 4 Says:

        Yes it was between the U.S. and Cuba. The Americans had taken safety precautions because the missiles were pointed at us.

    • Athena 4 :{D Says:

      Nice job, but what was the crisis, and how did it start?

    • Rachel--3 Says:

      Good Job explaining the crisis and missiles, but the Cuban Missile Crises was actually between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.; the missiles were just placed in Cuba because it was a close country to the United States.

      • James 4 Says:

        Thank you. I did more research, and you are right.

      • Ruth-4 Says:

        Rachel, you did an excellent job explaining that the Cuban missile crisis was between the United States and the U.S.S.R .But the the U.S.S.R did not launch missiles at Cuba because it was closer. Cuba was an ally of the Soviet Union; a launching base for short-range missiles against the United States.

    • Elvis 4 Says:

      That is true, but was it the start of the Cuban missile crisis? And if it was, why?

    • Justin Sheppard-4th Says:

      The big crisis was because Cuba was mad at the U.S. So, that is why Cuba wanted to bomb the U.S.

  12. Harry-4 Says:

    The Cold War was not a actually war, it was a war of threats and who had bigger and more weapons. It was a war between the U.S. and U.S.S.R. who had bigger weapons and more weapons and the was worries that the U.S.S.R. was going to attack the U.S. but they didn’t it was a race with the A-Bomb and H-Bomb and missiles into space and how fast they could get there, how far from and satellites into space and human kind into space. This was a event that lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

  13. Ruth-4 Says:

    The Cuban missile crisis was the closest we ever came to a nuclear war.Soviet missile were only powerful to be launched at the European but U.S.

    • Ana-4 Says:

      You are right,but do you know why the Soviet Union could only launch a missile to the Europeans?

      • Ruth-4 Says:

        The Soviet Union had limited accuracy that allowed the missiles to be used only against the largest cities; therefore that’s why they could only launch them to the Europeans.

  14. Athena 4 :{D Says:

    The meaning ‘Cold War’ refers to the period of struggle and conflict between the USA and USSR between 1945-1991. Each of the Superpowers saw the other as a threat to its continued survival and adopted strategies to save their positions.

  15. Nathaniel-4 Says:

    There was tension between the U.S. and Russia because they didn’t want a real war. Because of all the costs and destruction that goes on.

    • Rachel-3 Says:

      Good job wording your blog; But which “tensions” are you talking about ? The tensions in The Arm’s Race, Space Race, etc. ?

    • 4- Jack B. Says:

      That is a very good piece of information. I would like to add that the countries were scared to fight because both countries had nuclear weapons and feared of blowing up the planet.

    • Harry-4 Says:

      Nathaniel thats very good information but you could add more such as:

      The reason why there is tension because the two countries are worried because, they are in a race to see who can build the biggest, most powerful, and most weapons and the U.S. and U.S.S.R are creating bombs that do devastating damage.

      And they didn’t want to destroy the war because they knew if they went to war that would be the outcome to war.

  16. Ana-4 Says:

    There was a lot of tension between United States and Soviet Union with ideological, political, and economic factors that led to rivalry for many years.

  17. Tiffani-4 Says:

    The Cold War is the name given to the people that was made primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War Two. The Cold War was to beat international affairs for decades and many major crises occurred the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary and the Berlin Wall being just some. For many the growth in weapons of mass destruction was the worst issue.

    • Jayden Says:

      The information you gave was good.I have some questions though.When did this occur, and what happened in Hungary and in all the other events you mentioned?

      • Tiffani-4 Says:

        In 1957, in Hungary , they launched a national television service. Hungary was a socialist nation. Also, the Cuban-Missile Crisis was the closest our world has ever been to having a nuclear war.

  18. Lexi Says:

    In the Arms Race several European country’s where in a race to get the bast weapons or ‘arms’. Most of these weapons were nuclear.

    • David Says:

      What countries were in the race?

    • DavidW-4 Says:

      Why were most of the weapons that were made are nuclear?

    • Diana-6 Says:

      Great topic!!! But let me just say that it wasn’t just any race. It was a space race between the U.S.S.R and the U.S to see who could get into space first. Which in this case, the Russians got to space first, but we were the first ones to land on the moon.

  19. GIsselle - 6 Says:

    The Cold War was between U.S.S.R. AND U.S . But it was any war it was like a tag game where they threated each other of starting the war . But the correct way you call it is brinkmanship.

    • Ben-3 Says:

      You’re right, it was basically just threats to start a war. One thing I would like to add is that the U.S.and the USSR did not go to war because of the theory of MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction)

    • jacob Says:

      Gisselle, you are the only person who mentioned brinkmanship. Can you explain brinkmanship and who started the war?

    • Diana-6 Says:

      Great facts Giselle….. but can you tell me more about brinkmanship ?

      • GIsselle - 6 Says:


        It’s almost like threatening some one of doing something when they’re really not going to do it.
        And if you guys have anymore questions, feel free to ask .

  20. Fernando-6 Says:

    The Cold war was between the U.S.S.R. and the United States. This war started by threats between both countries. The U.S.S.R. were threating to bomb us with Nuclear Warfare. Although the U.S.S.R. was threating with nuclear weapons, the U.S. weren’t scared because they had official facts and know for sure they were bluffing. This battle for glory was nothing, but a battle of tougness

  21. Rylee-6 Says:

    The Cold War was a period of tension between the United States of America and the Soviet Union from the mid-40s to the late 80s. It began with the end of the Second World War. It was called the Cold War because there was no active war between the two nations, which was probably due to the fear of nuclear bombing that was held in Japan.

    • Briona Says:

      You did a magnificent job Rylee, but what two nations are you talking about, and why were they afraid of nuclear bombing?

      • Rylee-6 Says:

        The two nations that were involved in the Cold War was the Untied States and Russia(U.S.S.R.). They were afraid of nuclear bombing, because they had seen the outcome of one. The United States had used a nuclear bomb on Japan, and it was then said not to have a physical war between the two. That was what the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. agreed upon.

    • Kassy-6 Says:

      The U.S. and the U.S.S.R had some tension between them, because they didn’t trust each other. For instance, when the U.S. found out that the Russians launched Sputnik, they launched one of their space shuttles to get the first human on the moon. This was why there was no active war between them.

  22. 2-Georen Says:

    The story of the Cold War is the story of how two allies who defeated Hitler. They dared to not let it go to actual fighting that would have destroyed each other. Cold Wars definiton is the period of struggle and conflict between the USA and USSR between 1945-1991. Stalin’s fear of the USA led him to believe that the USSR needed a barrier of territory between Soviet territory and the USA’s allies in Western Europe. Each country used to use brinkmanship on one another. Brinkmanship is where you push someone to the edge. An example of brinkmanship is like saying to your little sister or brother.”If you come in my room I will “kill” you.” Even though your not going to literally kill them you still want to scare them enough so that they won’t go in your room.

  23. Bryce 2 Says:

    They were also not shot unless the u.s shot at them. Those missles were used for a Defensive line

  24. Saveey -2 Says:

    Good Job Eyerin, I think you did a really good job and I learned more then I already knew about McCarthyism. Especially when he gave the speech what part of Virginia?

  25. Jayden Says:

    The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the times in the Cold War the rules were nearly forgotten.J F Kennedy launched missions to overthrow Castro’s government.Cuba felt threatened by the massive powers of their American neighbors, and looked for a closer relationship with Russia.The Russians built bases in Cuba with missiles on them. The threat was very obvious when a U.S. U2 plane was shot down and the pilot killed.The U.S. and Russia came up with an agreement for both of them to remove their missiles from Turkey and Cuba. America also had to promise to end Cuba’s quarantine and promise not to invade Cuba.America accepted.

  26. Jacob- 3 Says:

    The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closest the world ever came to nuclear war. The United States armed forces were at their highest state of readiness ever and Soviet field commanders in Cuba were prepared to use battlefield nuclear weapons to defend the island if it was invaded. Luckily, thanks to the bravery of two men, President John F. Kennedy and Premier Nikita Khrushchev, war was averted.

  27. Christian L'O. Says:

    No one really knows when the Cold War actually started because there ar accounts that people say it started in 1917 with the Bolshevik Revolution, and ended in 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union.Some believe that it started around 1945-1948 time frame, and ended in 1989, having been a dispute over the division of Europe.

  28. Morgan-3 Says:

    Russia and The United States had tension because the Russians were Communists. At that Moment in time the Russians were trying to spread communism. But the U.S. put warheads in Turkey lead up to Russia putting missiles in Cuba. The missiles on U.S. & Russia’s Door steps lead to nuclear threats. The Cold War was as close as the world has ever gotten to a nuclear war.

  29. Kristen - 4 Says:

    The Cold War is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War Two. The Cold War was to dominate international affairs for decades and many major crises occurred – the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Hungary and the Berlin Wall being just some.

    • Mrs. Carpenter Says:

      This is all very good information. Be careful, it sounds as though it was written in someone else’s words. Explain more about Hungary. I know and understand the other three events that you mentioned in that statement, but I don’t know anything about how Hungary fits into the Cold War.

  30. Ruth-4 Says:

    The Cuban missile crisis was the closest we ever came to a nuclear war. Cuba was prepared to use battlefield nuclear weapons to defend the island if it was invaded.

  31. Diuana-6 Says:

    The Cold war was not actually a physical or fighting war. It was more like who could build better weapons, and who could get to space first. In fact the U.S.S.R was the first to go into space by sending the Sputnik into space and getting a head start on the space race, but the U.S was the first one to go to the moon.

  32. Brioooooona Says:

    The Cold War is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily between the USA and the USSR after World War Two. The cold war went on from 1945 – 1948. The Cold War never had a real battle. It was a war of economic competition, military tension, and political struggles.

  33. Kassy-6 Says:

    The Soviet Union (USSR) and The United States stayed far apart during the next thirty years of superpower conflict and the nuclear arms race. The soviet position on human rights increased economic cooperation and a cut back of weapons Negotiations of the West.

    • Rylee-6 Says:

      You are right about the Untied States and the U.S.S.R. staying apart, but could you give more information about the nuclear arm race? What is it, and how does it affect the Cold War?

  34. Mercedes- 6 Says:

    The U.S. and the Russians (U.S.S.R.) had tension between them because,they had no trust for each other and if one country was trying to do something the other country would try and do it before them. For example when the U.S. learned that the Russians had launched the first space shuttle into space (Sputnik) the U.S. raced them to get the first human on the moon.

  35. Javier-6 Says:

    The U.S. and the Russians had a lot of tension with each other, because the U.S. successfully made the A-bomb, and a couple years later the Russians made one, and that was the beginning of the race between the U.S. and Russia. When Russia made the A-bomb the U.S. decide to make the H-bomb (Hydrogen Bomb) which was a thousand times bigger than the A-bomb, the U.S. successfully tested the H-bomb in 1953. The Soviets did their own testing in 1955. Thats why they had so much tension with each other.

  36. Jamie-4 Says:

    I think all the tension was because Stalin had feared another anti-communist invasion of Russia from Europe.
    Stalin’s fear of the USA led him to believe that the USSR needed a barrier of territory between Soviet territory and the USA’s allies in Western Europe.

  37. Justin-3 Says:

    The Cold War was so named as it never featured direct military action. Both sides possessed nuclear weapons, and their use would probably guarantee their mutual assured destruction.

  38. Kurt Says:

    Very well written and lots of great info. However, what many people don’t know is that there was battle.It was done by the special operations, and kept secretive.

  39. DavidW-4 Says:

    The Cold War stared in 1940’s and it ended in 1991 when the fall of the Soviet Union began to happen when Mikhail Gorbachev came to power.

  40. Hailee-4 Says:

    One of the tensions was a democracy and the USSR was a communist dictatorship. A communist dictatorship is a social organization that controls all economic and social activity by a single political party. The only thing holding the relation ship together was the desire to kill and destroy Hitler’s Nazis.

  41. mauricio-2 Says:

    Cuba missiles were pointed at the United States.

  42. Ana-4 Says:

    The Cold War was between United States and Russia. They did not have a war because of what had happened with a nuclear bomb during WWII, and they saw how much damage a nuclear bomb can cause.

  43. Erika- 3 Says:

    Both nations, the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. came from World War II being advanced in technology, military, cultural impact, and economy. The main striking point between the two nations was that each of the worlds superpowers had an ideology, or belief. Each of the Superpowers saw the other as a threat, however never went to war directly with each other in this period but became involved in conflicts like the korean war.

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