30 Mar 2012

World War II- What do you know?

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Mrs. Carpenter will be passing out a paper that has a list of World War II terms. You can choose one term and write down what you know about that term and then post the blog. Or you can choose a few terms and write down what you know about them. If you choose more than one term, please post your comments about each term separately. You may use your Social Studies notes/ worksheets or Google the information. The deeper the answer, the higher your score. [Ex. If one of the terms is Germany, do not blog that Germany is a country. You will receive no score (0 points), but if you write that Germany surrendered in 1945 because the allied armies were moving into Germany from both the east and the west, you will receive the maximum score (5 points).]

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  1. Rachel Says:

    After World War II the economy in Germany was as good as destroyed. Millions of people were killed, cities–even countries were destroyed, innocent people were out of jobs or killed, and Germany as an overall country was broke and degraded. Germany had to start from scratch basically after the war, trying to clean up the huge mess made during the war.

    As for America, the war actually made our economy stronger, building us up with weapons, allies, supplies, and much more. After the victory in World War II, very rarely any battles even took place in the U.S. which gave us an advantage. Additionally, our troop numbers grew stronger and we didn’t have to spend any extra money cleaning up after the war.

  2. Morgan Says:

    The word Holocaust means, any mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life.

  3. Billy-3 Says:

    We wanted Iwo Jima and Okinawa cause the had landing strips on them so are bomber planes did not have to go far from japan to refuel.

  4. Kelly-3 Says:

    Hitler and Mussolini. They both died right after the war ended. Hitler committed suicide in an underground bunker. In Berlin in 1945. Mussolini died of assassination. In April 1945.

    • Eyerin -2 Says:

      Kelly~ You did really nice in this and there is more information. For example: Why did Hitler die or what about Hitler and Mussolini.

    • Tyler M.- 4 Says:

      I like how you have good fact and details. The reason Hitler committed suicide though is because he was afraid the allies would get him. When he did this it was by gunshot and he made his wife do it with him. Mussolini was assassinated because of all the horrible things he did to everyone.

    • Carolina - 4 Says:

      Great information.
      Hitler committed suicide on April 30, 1945.

    • Raaaandi.-4 Says:

      Kelly, You Bring Up Good Points. Let Me Explain Why They Both Died Before it Ended. Hitler Committed Suicide Because He finally recognized that all was lost and did not want to be taken captive and paraded through the streets of Moscow. Mussolini Died Of Assassination Because his mistress killed him. Why, She Was Sick Of Dealing With Him.

  5. Gabe-3 Says:

    The Marshall Plan was the plan to give money to the European countries that needed economic aid after the war, and was founded and made by Gorge Marshall.

  6. Sheniah - 3 Says:

    * The Allied Invasion of Normandy, France was very Bloody. Near 155,000 Soldiers died because the Germans somehow found a way to securely hide their weapons. When Allied forces retched the shore They were Ambushed. The few who survived moved forward.

    * The U.S. economy was strong, even after the war was over. It was like this because the war was not fought on our land, Therefor there was little damage other than the damage done to Pearl Harbor.

    * D-Day did not really have a meaning. it only marked the Allied forces invaded Germany.

    * Casualties were close to 80,000 after the war

  7. Savvie -3 Says:

    Marshall Plan- It was meant to help the badly damaged countries of Europe recover from WWII, the other part of the Marshall Plan was meant to prevent communism from gaining a large amount of power in countries damaged badly by the war.
    Allied invasion of Normandy- Also known as D-Day, on June 6, 1944 The us landed at five beaches in the Normandy area with the code names of: Utah Beach, Omaha Beach, Gold Beach, Juno Beach and Sword Beach.

  8. Justin B. Says:

    There were two atom bombs dropped during world war 2 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima was codenamed “Little Boy” and weighed 9,700 pounds. The other atom bomb was in Nagasaki. The bomb was codenamed “Fat Man” and it weighed 10,213 pounds. These bombs were not only the first, but they also made Japan surrender and end world war 2.

  9. Harry-4 Says:

    Ashlee was it only Turkey and Greece?

  10. Cheeelsie. Says:

    This is valuable information. Thank you for sharing it with us. (:

  11. Jackie-4 Says:

    You wrote the sentence very well. But you might want to say that it happened in Normandy, France. Just in case someone doesn’t know where Normandy is located.

  12. Kristen - 4 Says:

    Good job Eyerin.

    Adolf Hitler died on April 30th. 1945 underground bunker.

  13. Ruth-4 Says:

    Thank You Mrs.Carpenter for commenting on my work.I will of adding more Information to my topic next time.

  14. Jackie-4 Says:

    At the time the atomic bomb was dropped by President Truman, he said that the atomic bomb needed to be dropped in Japan to end the war because Japan was not surrendering.

  15. Blake-6 Says:

    The space race was a race to see who would get on the moon first. In the end the USA came out on top, and sent Apollo 11 out on to the moon. One of the famous phrases said was “This is one small step for man…one giant leap for mankind.

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