9 Feb 2012

Hello 8th grade world!

Author: Mrs. Carpenter | Filed under: Social Studies 2011-2012

March 2012

Welcome, eighth grade students,to the revolutionary Social Studies/Language Arts blog put together by Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Anderson. This site is multidimensional.  Not only will it help you learn how to digitally communicate properly, but it will help you assimilate what you are learning in Social Studies at the same time! Do I hear a “Whoop! Whoop?”

Mrs. Anderson and I have been wanting to do this all year and finally, here we are! You will be given a topic that will be based on what you are currently learning in Social Studies.

You will be required to communicate with your class mates by:

1. telling them what you have learned about the topic,

2. asking a question that you might have about the topic,

3. and/or commenting on a post made by another student.


Before you actually enter a comment, you must read through a couple of pages.

First, click on Rules and Guidelines and read through what is expected of you when you are logged onto this site.

Second, click on Proper Blogging and read through what is expected of you when you are actually communicating on this site.

We’ll be back soon with your first topic. We know you are going to be waiting anxiously for this to begin. We won’t make you wait long!






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