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Advice to not do on your blog!!!!

Hi I am going to tell you to not do on your blog if you get one.  Don’t say your hole name don’t even say birthday don’t say your address to your house.  I am telling you this because maybe someone could go to your house they could steel thing and if someone ask you were do you live or can I hang out with and if it someone you don’t now always say no.  I am telling you this for your own safety that’s why<:


Hey world I am going to give you some blogs that you can go on.  This is my blog hears a another blog that you can visit blogs. and a another is and I think that all that I now of.


My sister is graduating this Thursday the 23rd.  I am very proud of her she tried really hard to graduate. She has been doing good in all of her class.  She is really excited.   As my teacher says it’s boring to sit there but your name  get’s called up you feel good about your self you say to your self I did it I graduated  you really fell good about your self.  My sister will feel great about her self.  When you get to graduate you will feel great about your self just remember me saying that.


I am so happy because it’s almost  the end of the school year we only have 2  days left. I’m happy for  summer but I’ll really miss my friends.  what are you going to do during the summer.??

All about me!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Paulina and this my blog.  I am going to talk about me I  am clumsy and I run fast.   My favorite  food is pizza, spaghetti,  ribs and other stuff like that.   My favorite book is  Dork Dairy,  Indian in the Cover and some other books.  I want to be a Doctor  or a Police Officer or a teacher.  What do you want to do  when you grow up? What is your favorite book?

Hello world!

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