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My favorite blogs

TheĀ favorite blogs thatĀ I visited were Kirstens blog,Sloedads blog and last but not least Kristina’s blog.

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2 Responses to “My favorite blogs”

  1.   Susan Says:

    Hi Nick,

    What made them your favourite blogs? Was it the way they look? what they wrote? What do you think makes a blog interesting?


  2.   Giovanni Says:

    HI NICK!! My name is Giovanni and I come from Mr.Millers class blog. I see you have your friends blogs as your favorite that’s cool. But can I ask you answer some questions for me please.

    1. How many kids are at your school??
    2. Do you live in a big country??
    3. How many people live in your town??
    4. Does your town have any popular sports??
    5. Is your school huge or small??

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