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I Am Poem

I am fun and creative
I wonder what i will be in the future
I hear a waterfall
I see characters in my book
I want to be rich
I am fun and creative

I pretend to be a salesman
I feel duct tape stuck to me
I touch air
I worry what will happen tomorrow
I cry if my pet dies
I am fun and creative

I understand mostly everything
I say lots of things
I dream about allot of things
I try to make lots of money
I hope i become a millionaire
I am fun and creative

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4 Responses to “I Am Poem”

  1.   madyson Says:

    Dear Nick i really enjoyed your i am poem it was fun and creative.I like the part where you said i under stand almost every thing and i laughed because its true like the time in math when you wouldn’t stop solving the answers so Mrs.Goucher had to take every penciln from your group unitil she was done.

    yore friend,
    Madyson Roach

  2.   Addy Says:

    Dear Nick,

    I read your poem. I think it was very good. Are you going to put more poems on your blog.

    Your Friend,

  3.   Dharyl S Says:

    Hi there I am from Mr. Miller’s Class Blog and my name is Dharyl. I really enjoyed your poem. You sound just like me when comes to money, ha ha. I am always trying to make it where ever I am at. Have a great time blogging!

  4.   Hanna Says:

    Hi!This is Hanna and I have always wanted to be a millionare to!If you were a salesmane would you have that very deep voice?


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