Growth vs Fixed Mindset

January 22nd we started doing an activity about growth vs fixed mindset.  What growth mindset and fixed mindset means is when you talk about how you can get smart and how you can get smart if you think you’re not smart.  You learn to fix your attitude and how to be a good good good student in class and at home too!  If you ever get a chance to try something new you should try it, it is really fun.  All the kids in my class like it too!  Why it is fun is because you get to do activities when your teacher says you can do activities.  Try it! So so so fun! By Adeline

This week we were talking about growth mindset and fixed mindset.  Growth mindset is a belief that despite obstacles and challenges a person can have abilities and achieve goals with motivation, hard work, and practice.  A fixed mindset is the belief that talent and intelligence is something you are born with and can’t be changed.  We do this all day.  By Jose


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