Odysea Video Conference

Today January 17th, 2018 we did a video conference with Odysea Aquarium.  We learned a couple of facts about penguins, pinnipeds, and other animals.  The workers from the Odysea Aquarium were telling us the facts.  They were both girls.  One fact I learned is that penguins like fish and they eat it all.  Another thing I learned about is some animals, when you give them fish, they eat it whole and they do not chew it just swallow.  It was very fun.  Our teacher said if we were good we could do another video conference.  By Adeline

This week we learned about Odysea Aquarium.  We got to learn about the animals there.  We got to see the penguins and pinnipeds.  My favorite penguin is Jazzy.  We got to learn about the place and what they feed the animals.  All of the animals are so cute.  The place is so cool.  We got to see they the workers don’t just play with the animals all day.  That is what we did this week.  By Gwen