Animal Habitat Science Fair

December 7th we had a science fair.  In case you don’t know what a science fair is, I will tell you.  A science fair is a thing where you have to design something or create something.  What we did for the science fair was, we picked an animal that the teacher had to approve.  The second thing we did for the science fair was, we created our box with the animals we picked out.  The third thing we did was, we painted our boxes however we wanted to paint them.  The fourth thing we did was, we started to put glitter and little animal figures.  The fifth thing we did for the science fair was, we brought back our boxes that we worked on at home on Wednesday and we waited for the next day to come.  Then it was finally Thursday and we went to the cafeteria.  This lady put down tables so we could put our projects on the table.  Then we had to wait for Mrs. Moore’s class to come to the cafeteria then we could start.  The last thing we did for our project was we waited for the judges to come.  The judges were Mr.Bravo, Mr.Stern, and Chief Kelly.  Then they picked who got to win.  The kids that won in our class were Cody, Ruth,and Emily.  After they announced the winners we got our projects and left to the playground to play until the bell rang then we left.  By Adeline 


Hi my name is Eli.  What I did to my box was I got a box and I got materials for my box.  I got 3 toilet paper rolls.  Before I glued it, I painted my sky light blue and my grass green.  I did like little hills for my animal then I put a little pond in the middle of my jungle.  Then I put my trees glued down my box then we decorated our boxes.  Then we waited for Thursday because Thursday was our science fair.  That was when Chief Kelly, Mr.Bravo, and Mr.Stern came.  They were the judges.  Where we went is our cafeteria and we voted for whose is the best.  Well, the judges were the ones that voted, not us. While they were voting some other grades came to see our projects.  By Eli 

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