Phoenix Art Museum

Today we went to the art museum. It took 45 minutes to get there. Also there was famous art, like George Washington.  We walked for a hour, it was fun. Also our friend Adeline, her mom came.  The tour guide was from the art museum.  She had the teacher walk down a hallway and every step she got looked smaller.  What we did is we had our fingers and measured the teacher.  People say it was funny but also she got so tiny. We played a game of I Spy. We would get a piece of paper and there was a lot of glass boxes and we had to find the stuff that was on the paper. I found a few things but she said there were statutes. So I looked and I found two of them. They were in hidden doors that were open. They were right in the hallway. One box was flicking its lights. It scared us. By Christian


This week we did a lot of fun stuff.  All of the fourth graders went on a field trip to the Phoenix Art Museum. It is a place where there are different rooms.  Each room has art stuff and different kind of drawings in the rooms.  After 3 hours we left to go back to school and went straight to lunch.  We had tour guides that led us through the museum. We went to the museum at 8:30.A.M.  After lunch we started math in the afternoon until the end of the day and then it will be a normal day on Thursday.  By Sara

Today at the Phoenix Art Museum we looked at amazing art that was cool!!! We looked at a piece of art that is called fairy flies. After that we looked at a art made out of trash, it was really cool! Then we looked at  fashion art, it was cool. Then we looked at art called hot mess.  My favorite is the fairy lights because it likes your in a black hole with lights.  That is what we did. By Gwen 

We went to the Phoenix Art  Museum.  I got to look at pictures.  They were so cool.  I liked them so much.  I had a tour guide.  I liked the lights they had there.  They are so cool.  The drive took long time it was long to me.  We had groups.  It was fun that we went there.  I’m glad we went, so glad.  I had lots of fun you should go there one day. By Alley 

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