Mad Scientist Day

This week we did Mad Scientist Day.  That means on Halloween we are doing science all day.  We did 6 science experiments.  Some of them were elephant toothpaste, dissolving pumpkins, soda geyser, and an animal experiment.  We had a lot of fun.  We even had some other classes come and their teacher is Mrs. Moore.  It was all on a Tuesday.  Oh, we also did the glowing hands project.  It is when you put on a glove and put some Vaseline over the glove, but only use one finger to spread the Vaseline on one side of the glove or it is messy.  We had fun and we had fun with the other class too.  By Sara and Dulce

On Halloween we did Mad Scientist Day.  On that day we did 6 experiments.  Here are some of the experiments we did soda geyser, elephant toothpaste, and dissolving pumpkins.  for the soda geyser we put mints into the soda.  For the elephant toothpaste we mixed chemicals together.  Last for the dissolving pumpkins we put pumpkin candy into vinegar, cooking oil, water and baking soda, and water.  Then we watched what happened.  By Shyenne

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