Finch Adaptations

We did an experiment.  We tested out adaptations that finches have to survive.  The materials were chopsticks, tweezers, forks, straws, and tooth picks.  Those were like the beak of the finch.  We had one minute with each tool.  We had to try and take beans, rice, and pasta out of a bowl.  It taught us how the birds use their beaks to eat.  Some beaks are small, long, sharp, and stubby on the finch.  We learned about Charles Darwin and how he came up with adaptations because of the finches.  By Farrah

We did a finch experiment.  It is when you use tools to pick up spaghetti noodles (worms), beans (bugs), and rice (seeds).  Then we used different tools, forks, straws, tweezers, and chopsticks, for the different beaks of the birds.  That was our experiment.  By Gwen

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