Finch Adaptations

We did an experiment.  We tested out adaptations that finches have to survive.  The materials were chopsticks, tweezers, forks, straws, and tooth picks.  Those were like the beak of the finch.  We had one minute with each tool.  We had to try and take beans, rice, and pasta out of a bowl.  It taught us how the birds use their beaks to eat.  Some beaks are small, long, sharp, and stubby on the finch.  We learned about Charles Darwin and how he came up with adaptations because of the finches.  By Farrah

We did a finch experiment.  It is when you use tools to pick up spaghetti noodles (worms), beans (bugs), and rice (seeds).  Then we used different tools, forks, straws, tweezers, and chopsticks, for the different beaks of the birds.  That was our experiment.  By Gwen

Global Cardboard Challenge

One thing we did in 4th grade before we left for fall break was Cardboard Day!! We did it on a Thursday.  It was exciting!  A lot of people were creative.  Cody made the funniest game.  He made one where he would put a sign on the box that said free candy.  After the person opened the box to get free candy he would pop out of the box and scare them.  It was really funny.  Everyone could invite their family members.  A lot of people came! By Adeline

What we did for Cardboard Day was we made an arcade with cardboard.  We made \everything out of cardboard and tape.  We got to play other people’s games.  Our parents even came to play our games.  When we made the game it was very fun.  By Ernesto



On Thursday we made an arcade.  It was made out of cardboard.  We had the whole day to build it and it was really fun.  My friend helped me make mine. I got some candy and I shared it with my friend.  Only two classes made arcades.  It was us and Mrs. Moore’s class.  We went to lunch and came back.  It was almost done when we came back.  We cleaned up and got to go to the other class to play.  They came to my classroom too.  We played.  Kid’s families came to play too.  They were really happy.  It was really fun to play but it was also hard.  When it is hard you should not give up.  That is why my friend helped me and I helped her.  That is what we did for Cardboard Day. By Yaxairi


International Peace Day

This week was International Peace Day.  That is when you celebrate peace.  We made some peace pinwheels.  That is were you color a piece of paper and make a pinwheel.  We put them outside in our 4th grade garden.  Another thing we did for Peace Day was a peace packet.  We got to write on our packets how we were going to spread peace.  We did more activities in the packet too.  The last thing we did for International Peace Day was we did a sidewalk chalk peace path.  We got to draw pictures and write on the sidewalk about peace.  That was fun!  Mrs. Moore’s class joined us.  We got a little messy with the chalk.  There were a lot of pictures out on the sidewalk.  By Adeline

For Peace Day we did chalk writing on a peace path.  The peace path was on the side walk.  We got to write something nice to make this school look nice.  We wrote famous quotes about peace.  We did a peace packet.  It had work, like always, but it was fun because it had a comic that you made your own.  There was coloring and other stuff too.  We did a peace pinwheel.  We got to put them outside.  It was windy and they worked.  By Alexis

We did a Skype about Peace Day.  We Skyped with Alaska.  The other class had a hyper doc to show us.  They hyper doc had videos and pictures.  We talked about how we can be kind and not have any fighting.  We talked about what peace means to you.  The other class from Alaska showed us posters and books the students made.  Mrs. Moore’s class joined us for the Skype.  Peace Day is on September 21st, so don’t forget to do something kind on Peace Day! By Ashley

We had a peace Skype yesterday.  It was with Alaska.  It was fun.  They showed up about peace for them and a video about peace too.  It was cool.  Also they talked to us about peace a lot.  I had fun, everyone did.  By Alley