Dot Day

Last week we celebrated Dot Day.  First we read The Dot.  It was a story about a girl.  The girl thought she couldn’t draw but her art teacher told her to start with a dot.  When she was finished it was a dot.  The teacher told the girl to sign it, so she did.  The girl found it on the wall and it was in a fancy frame.  We also colored a dot.  Mine looked like a jesters hat.  When I put it under an app called Quiver it looked like a planet.  It was so weird!  Last we painted a dot.  My dot looked like Jupiter but green and it had blue and dark green, pink, and orange.  We wrote a story about our dot.  Mine was about someone homeless.  By Shyanne B

We did DOT DAY!  We were going to do Dot Day with Ms. Brokaw but she hurt her leg so we went in Mrs. Moore’s class and did Dot Day with her.  The first thing i did is the one we had to color a big dot and then when we were done coloring we asked Mrs. Moore to make our dots look 3D.  Then when we were done with the dot we got to paint a small dot.  We went to the table and then we painted it.  When we were done painting we let it dry for the next day.  When we came back on Monday Ms. Brokaw was back too.  We got to write about our dots life like it was a person.  Then Ms. Brokaw called us for our picture frame.  When we were done we had other work to do.  The next day some of our dots were gone but we heard Ms. Brokaw say she grabbed our dots to put them up on the bulletin board. By Dulce

We did Dot day.  We stayed with Mrs. Moore.  She was so kind that she let us stay with her.  We painted dots and I helped Mrs. Moore.  Mrs. Moore has this app that it looked like our dots came off of the paper.  Mine looked like an eye ball.  It was cool.  My dot had green, blue, black, and gray.  By Alexis