The First Week of Fourth Grade!

This week we had so much fun.  We even made things and did some projects and activities.  We had some sticky notes inside of our desk buckets.  In the morning we answered a question on a little white board by writing on the sticky notes.  The questions were like what is the kindest thing you have ever done for someone else?  We also did a project with cups, 4 pieces of string, and a rubber band.  The rules were we couldn’t touch the cup.  We had to only use the rubber band and string to make a pyramid.  We did another project too, the marshmallow challenge.  We did a coloring page with mindful saying to help decorate out classroom, our reading Star test, and so many more fun things.  We have been reading the third book of Harry Potter.  We are still doing Prodigy for math.  Hopefully we are still doing Skypes and coding games.  By Sara

In 4th grade we did an alien scavenger hunt. The aliens took our principal and we had to find him.  We followed the envelopes and answered the clues.  We did the marshmallow challenge.  We had to make a tower with spaghetti, string, and tape.  We ended up in first place.  It was so much fun.  By Emily R