Cup Stacking Challenge



This week in 4th grade we did a challenge.  The challenge was the cup stacking challenge.  The rules of the challenge were you can’t touch the cups and you have to make a pyramid.  The materials were cups, a rubber band, and 4 pieces of string.  My group tried hard to solve the problem.  We got a rubber band and we took the string.  We tied the string to the rubber band.  Then we used the rubber band to move the cups.  I had a fun time with my friends.  By Ruth


We did a cup stacking challenge.  So what we did was try to make a pyramid out of cups without touching the cups.  We had 4 pieces of string and one rubber band.  What my group did was tie the string to the rubber band and then pulled the string to open and close the rubber band.  Then we put the rubber band on the cups.  It was really fun!  By Gwen