What the American Flag Means to Me

We did a flag writing contest.  We had to write what it means to us.  We also got certificates for participating and turning it into our teacher.  The winner was Madison.  She won ten dollars for doing the best.  It was sad because she was not there for that day to get the prize.  Also, we all got a key chain that was a flag for our back pack.  By: Adeline

We did a writing about what the American flag means to you.  Mrs Chang gave us a certificate and I got one! My name is Eli.  A lot of other kids got one too.  The smartest girl in our class, Madison, she got a certificate and ten dollars.  She is so lucky!  I didn’t think anyone from our class would win.  By: Eli

We wrote a challenge about what the American flag means to me.  Today they announces the names of the winners at the flag ceremony.  By: Sara