What the American Flag Means to Me

We did a flag writing contest.  We had to write what it means to us.  We also got certificates for participating and turning it into our teacher.  The winner was Madison.  She won ten dollars for doing the best.  It was sad because she was not there for that day to get the prize.  Also, we all got a key chain that was a flag for our back pack.  By: Adeline

We did a writing about what the American flag means to you.  Mrs Chang gave us a certificate and I got one! My name is Eli.  A lot of other kids got one too.  The smartest girl in our class, Madison, she got a certificate and ten dollars.  She is so lucky!  I didn’t think anyone from our class would win.  By: Eli

We wrote a challenge about what the American flag means to me.  Today they announces the names of the winners at the flag ceremony.  By: Sara


Graphing Fun

Today our blog is about a bar graph.  The first thing is we did our questions.  The second thing is to do our answer choices.  Then we ask the kids.  I asked what is your favorite book.  Harry Potter got 4 votes, Beetle got 1, Baby Mouse for 2, and How to Take Care of Puppies for 3.  Harry Potter won!  After you ask kids you make your graph.  By Ruth

First I got my bar graph paper.  Then I made a question.  Then I went around the classroom asking people what is your favorite sport.  Then I tally marked it.  After that I made it into a bar graph.  Then I turned it in to the teacher.  By Max

Field Trip!

Last week we went on a field trip.  First we got on the bus.  Next we went to the Mesa Arts Center.  We sat in the theater.  Then we did get some magazines.  Nest we watched a presentation on underwater caves and the deep blue holes of the Bahamas.  Then we got back on the bus.  Next we got back to school.  A special thanks to Mrs. Moore for setting everything up for us.  That was last week in third grade.  By Dominic


We went on a field trip.  We got on a bus.  We went to the Mesa Arts Center.  Then
we sat down.  It was fancy and huge.  They gave us magazines.  Then they did a presentation about underwater caves.  Last we went back to school.  By Dulce