Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


fullsizer-5img_0367Harry Potter is a book.  In the book a boy is named Harry Potter.  His parents died so he lived with his horrible Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley.  How did his family die you ask, well it all started when Harry was a baby.  This evil wizard Voldemort was trying to kill his parents and him.  Voldemort did kill his mom and dad but instead of killing Harry, Voldemort just gave him a little lightening bolt scar.  My favorite part is when Harry meets Hermione.  Hermione is one of his best friends.  She helps him pass his tests.  Harry Potter is a good book because it is funny, sad, and good all at the same time. By Helen


Harry Potter is a book about a wizard.  His parents died and Harry got rich and famous because he survived You Know Who.  My favorite part is when Harry Potter wins a fight against You Know Who.  I liked it because when they were fighting Harry’s hands burned You Know Who.  Harry Potter is a great book because it is very exciting and you never know what is going to happen.  By Antony


img_0366We just finished Harry Potter.  It was about Harry Potter.  He figures out that he is a wizard and he goes to wizard school.  He finds out that Voldemort is after the sorcerer’s stone.  Harry had to pass through traps to get to the sorcerer’s stone.  My favorite part was when Harry fights Voldemort and when Harry first meets Hermione.  By Gwen