Hour of Code


This week in third grade we did coding.  Coding is a game and you have to move your player around.  You can control how to move your player and if you don’t do it right you have to start over again.  You can play from home too.  It is called Hour of Code.  There are lots of games and you can pick what you want.  By Ashley

This week we did coding.  Coding is a game to make games.  You have to learn how to control the game and helps you think.  The more you learn about coding the more you can do. By Alexis

This week in third grade we did Hour of Code.  Coding is making controls for a game.  It is a lot of fun and good to do.  Coding helps your brain, it is tons of fun, and it has characters. By Dominic

This week in third grade we did coding.  I learned the rules to share a computer.  One of them was called the driver and the other one is called a navigator.  Whoever is the driver, they can only touch the mouse and they keyboard.  Another rule I learned is you have to take turns being a driver and a navigator.  Another rule I learned is the navigator can’t be bossy.  By Adeline

What kind of games would you like to code?

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