Being Thankful




This week we did a Thanksgiving card to tell another person things you are thankful for about them.  After that, we did a thing called Turkey Writing.  We wrote three things we are thankful for and why.  One thing I am thankful for is my family.  We even decorated it.  Then we did thankful sticky notes.  You got to pick a sticky note and it had a students name on it.  You have to write something that is nice about them and something you are thankful for about them.  When I got my sticky note I felt really happy.  By Karen


Last week we made things that told people what we were thankful about them.  First we made thankful cards so we can tell people why you are thankful for them.  Next we did turkey writing.  You had to write 3 things we were thankful for and why.  We decorated the writing when we were done.  Last we made a thankful sticky.  That was when everybody got a sticky note with someones name on it and you had to write why you are thankful for them.  The teacher thought this was important because she wanted us to do nice things for other people.  When I got my letter and note it made me feel very happy inside.  By Madison


What are you thankful for?