Tonto National Monument


This week a Park Ranger from Tonto National Monument came over to our school.  Her name is Ranger Jen.  When she was here she told us about animals we did not know about.  She showed us a cool dance and we also got to play a really fun game.  It is when cards with animals on them get taped to our backs and we stand up and ask each person questions to figure out what animal we have.  Like if our animal has wings, can jump and if you guess it then we go to our teacher and tell her the guess.  If it is right you sit at your seat.  If it is wrong then you still have to walk around the class and try to guess.  By Miracle

Ranger Jen was fun to talk to because we got to play a game.  The game was about guessing the animal on your back.  It was super fun because you can only ask one thing about your animal to each person.  Anyways it was very fun! By Antony

This week Ranger Jen came and visited us.  She told us about all the the animals where she works at.  She even taught us a song and a soft of game.  I like how the game puts tape on your back and puts a picture of an animal.  Then we have to figure out if what that animal is.  The animal might be a mammal or insect.  Most of the class got their animal right.  My animal was a toad frog.  I was kind of disgusted but we had lots of fun with her.  She told us that animals that are invertebrates and vertebrates.  Ranger Jen is a very nice person and kind.  By Sara