The Week Before Fall Break!


This week in third grade we did 2 Mystery Skypes.  One with California and one with Minnesota.  We talked about Pax with Minnesota.  We did the O.R.E.O Challenge.  My highest stack was 18, I needed 2 more to get the high score in my class.  We had a flag ceremony for 5th grade.  I got to see my brother sing.  We are reading a story called Pax it is our Global Read Aloud.  We did a Virtual Field Trip and learned about volcanoes in Guatemala.  That was my fun week in third grade. -Madison

This week in third grade we did the O.R.E.O Challenge.  The O.R.E.O Challenge is something you do and you stack oreos.  We read a story called Pax.  Pax is a story about a boy and a fox named Pax.  We had a flag ceremony about super heroes.  That’s what we did this week in third grade.







This week we did the O.R.E.O. Challenge.  That is were you stack up as many ores as you can with one hand.  We did two Mystery Skypes.  One was this Minnesota and the other was with California.  We are doing Global Read Aloud with the book Pax.  We also had a flag ceremony.  That is what we did this week.  -Miracle