Connecting with Oklahoma and Mexico



Last week we read a lot of Harry Potter.  We also got to play Quizizz.  It was so fun.  We got to go to the library, it was amazing.  We even got to write similes and metaphors about each other on each others backs.  We did our first Mystery Skype and we had a video conference with Mexico.  By: Miracle


This week in third grade we did a Quizizz.  We also did our first Mystery Skype.  We did a video conference with Mexico.  I liked those things because it was really fun.  This week I love third grade! By: Adeline




In Harry Potter we are on chapter 5.  At library we couldn’t check out any books because the internet was not working.  For similes and metaphors we wrote on peoples backs.  For our first Mystery Skype we skyped with Oklahoma and they sang to us.  On the video conference we talked to Mexico.  There were three other       classes on the video conference with us.

                                                                                                                    By: Ashley








One thought on “Connecting with Oklahoma and Mexico

  1. Brenda Farris says:

    Dear Class,
    I love seeing you learn new things. Mystery Skype’s are so interesting. I hope I can join you for one soon. You are so helpful to one another and so polite to your teacher. Thank you for fostering excellence each day!

    Mrs. Farris

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