Global Cardboard Challenge




This week in third grade we made an arcade with cardboard for the Global Cardboard Challenge.  It was so fun.  I made a basketball game.  We did a Mystery Skype and a video conference.  Our Skype was with Tennessee and our video conference was about monarch butterflies.  By: Madison






Today we first got our cardboard.  Next we built our games.  After we did a video conference.  It was about butterflies going to Mexico.  Finally we got to play each others games.  We even got to to go other classrooms to play. By: Adeline




Today we got to do tons of things.  We got to do a Skype with Tennessee.  We got books at the library this time.  Best of all we got to make cardboard box games and play each others games.  By: Jesse





Connecting with Oklahoma and Mexico



Last week we read a lot of Harry Potter.  We also got to play Quizizz.  It was so fun.  We got to go to the library, it was amazing.  We even got to write similes and metaphors about each other on each others backs.  We did our first Mystery Skype and we had a video conference with Mexico.  By: Miracle


This week in third grade we did a Quizizz.  We also did our first Mystery Skype.  We did a video conference with Mexico.  I liked those things because it was really fun.  This week I love third grade! By: Adeline




In Harry Potter we are on chapter 5.  At library we couldn’t check out any books because the internet was not working.  For similes and metaphors we wrote on peoples backs.  For our first Mystery Skype we skyped with Oklahoma and they sang to us.  On the video conference we talked to Mexico.  There were three other       classes on the video conference with us.

                                                                                                                    By: Ashley








Dot Day 2016


We participated in Dot Day on September 15th.  This day is to celebrate the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  We created several different types of dots to celebrate.  We even we lucky enough to Skype with a class in Alberta, Canada to discuss the book together.









This week in third grade we did activities for Dot Day.  We did a Skype and talked with Canadian kids.  They were also in third grade!  – Sara








This week we got to do Dot Day.  For Dot Day we got to color dots. cut them out, give 3 parts to our friends, and keep one.  We also got to do a Skype for Dot Day. -Gabriel

Mystery Number Skype



This week in third grade we did a Mystery Number Skype, read Harry
Potter, and played Kahoot.  I like Skypes because it is a challenge to figure out the other classes number first.  I like Harry Potter because it is not always the same but it has the same topic.  I like Kahoot because I like competitive games.  That’s what I liked about this week.

By: Jesse


img_2724This week in third grade we did our first Mystery Number Skype, we learned fact families, and we did a Quizizz.  We Skyped with a class in Indiana and played a number game.  I liked to see them figure out our number.  We did fact families with multiplication and division.  I liked when we did a Kahoot with it to review.  We did a Quizizz and I was first place!  I like it because it was about idioms and context clues.  That is what I liked during this week in third grade.

By: Madison


Harry Potter and Humphrey!

This week we did a lot.  Today we had our first flag ceremony.  We are learning about maps so we can have our first mystery Skype.  We have our One Book One District, HUMPHREY!  We are at a really good part in Harry Potter.  There are new helpers that come to our classroom.  We read Milking Poison and it was very interesting.  We played a Kahoot and took a test.   By: Gwen











This week in third grade we are reading Harry Potter.  It is amazing.  It might not sound good to you but it is so good.  I would read it because it is so amazing.  By: Carolyn