Third Week of Third Grade!



IMG_2685This week is our third week in third grade.  There are three things I liked the most about it.  The first thing I liked about it was Prodigy.  In prodigy you do math.  You can fight wizards and get cool stuff.  The second favorite thing I liked about this week was the prefix and suffix card game because you had to match a prefix or suffix with its meaning with other kids.  The third thing I liked was Kahoot because it made learning fun.

By: Madison

IMG_2677This week was the third week of school.  Today was awesome.  Every Thursday we do something really fun.  We invited Ms. Marsh’s class over to look at a melon from Mrs. Moore’s garden.  Here are my favorite things we did this week.  First we played Prodigy.  Second we learned division.  Third we played Kahoot.  We had a lot of fun this week.

By: Helen
IMG_2687This week in third grade was great.  Mrs. Moore brought us a melon from her garden to try.  We are reading Harry Potter.  I loved playing Kahoot to practice math.  I loved playing Prodigy.  It is a math game but you have to answer different math problems.  I love division.  We solved it using fair sharing, arrays, and repeated subtraction.

By: Ashley