Third Week of Third Grade!



IMG_2685This week is our third week in third grade.  There are three things I liked the most about it.  The first thing I liked about it was Prodigy.  In prodigy you do math.  You can fight wizards and get cool stuff.  The second favorite thing I liked about this week was the prefix and suffix card game because you had to match a prefix or suffix with its meaning with other kids.  The third thing I liked was Kahoot because it made learning fun.

By: Madison

IMG_2677This week was the third week of school.  Today was awesome.  Every Thursday we do something really fun.  We invited Ms. Marsh’s class over to look at a melon from Mrs. Moore’s garden.  Here are my favorite things we did this week.  First we played Prodigy.  Second we learned division.  Third we played Kahoot.  We had a lot of fun this week.

By: Helen
IMG_2687This week in third grade was great.  Mrs. Moore brought us a melon from her garden to try.  We are reading Harry Potter.  I loved playing Kahoot to practice math.  I loved playing Prodigy.  It is a math game but you have to answer different math problems.  I love division.  We solved it using fair sharing, arrays, and repeated subtraction.

By: Ashley

A New Class of Third Graders!


Third grade is fun because we get to play on the computers.  The teacher is super nice and helpful.  Things that are in our classroom are computers and white boards. In my classroom we have a fish named Pebbles and he is so cool.  The student of the week gets to feed Pebbles.  In our class there are 26 students.  The computers are very fun because we get to play very fun learning games.

By: Antony

My name is Gwen and I am in third grade.  It is awesome in third grade.  We have 11 boys and 15 girls.  There are 26 of us in all.  Ms. Brokaw is awesome.  We have a library in the class.  We have a pet fish named Pebbles. If we are student of week we get to feed him.  We also have computers.  We learning about mindfulness and brains.  I love third grade!

By: Gwen