O.R.E.O. Project

IMG_1464We participated in the O.R.E.O. Project.  For this project students stacked Oreo cookies IMG_1463as high as they could.  The only rules there were is that IMG_1461they could only use one hand and once they let go of the cookie they could nottouch it again.  Before stacking the cookies we made predictions of how many we could stack.  Then we each had two chances to make our cookie towers.  After we answered questions about our towers.  We had a lot of fun! IMG_1467

Mystery Skype Adventures


This year our class has been learning about different places in a nontraditional way.  Instead of pulling out a book and reading about a different place we have the IMG_1425opportunity to talk to other people ourselves through Mystery Skypes.  In a Mystery Skype two different classroom go back and forth asking geography questions to try and find where the other class is.  After both classes have revealed their location we get to ask questions and learn about the other state.  So far we have Skyped with Michigan, Oklahoma, and Hawaii.  We cannot wait to learn about even more places through Mystery Skype!

If you could Skype with anywhere, where would it be?IMG_1421