Dozens of Dots



IMG_1416It was Dot Day yesterday, which was Tuesday September 15th.  We got to watch a Tumblebook.  The book was called The Dot.  We got to paint our very own dot with brand new paint.  After we were done with that we could do our class dot with markers and crayons.  Ms. Brokaw put glitter on the edge of our dots.  Also a lot of the teachers wore dots on their shirts.  I think you should look around if you say you do not have any dots on you.  Your eyes are rounds and if you have freckles they are round too.  So you do have dots!

By Neva

IMG_1413Today, on Dot Day, everyone in the class drew their own dot.  When the class heard the teacher say today is Dot Day the class shouted,  “Yes!”.  All of the class didn’t know it was Dot Day so it was very exciting.  We saw the book The Dot and we also drew a class dot.  It’s where the whole class draws inside of one dot.  It was an awesome day.

By Vincent



IMG_1414Dot Day was very fun.  We got to make a dot and the teacher let us decorate our dot.  We had to wear clothes with dots on them, if you did not it was okay.  We also got to draw a big circle and every boy and girl got to draw a big dot on a piece of paper.  When you were done you get put glitter all over it.  The teacher is going to put the dots on the bulletin board outside the classroom so everybody will see it when they come by our classroom.  The whole school did it.

By Xavier


Brand New About Us, For New School Year!



Every week our class learns new stuff.  This week we have been learning about creating and solving multiplication and division word problems.  There are 11 girls in our class and 17 boys.  We have 29 kids altogether.  Every week we have a student of the week.  When you are student of the week it is special.  Everyday we go to specials like PE and Music.  Our teacher’s name is Ms. Brokaw.

By Jacob

Hello, we are a kind classroom.  We have eleven girls and seventeen boys.  Our class does fun activities like kahoot, learn2earn, and fast math.  They all help us learn.  We do reteach and enrich.  Reteach is when kids need more time to learn and enrich is when kids get to learn even more about something.  We have our little own library too.  It has picture books and chapter books.  Our teacher is named Ms. Brokaw.  I love our classroom pet, his name is Pebbles.  Whoever is student of the week gets to feed him.  We do morning meeting every day.  We only have four days of school instead of five this year! We are lucky to have these wonderful this year and I hope it stays that way.  We all wish you good luck this year!

By Amanda