Global Cardboard Challenge




What looks like a messy, crazy classroom is a place we were able to let our imaginations come to life.  Last week we participated in the Global Cardboard Challenge.  The Global Cardboard Challenge is a project created by the Imagination Foundation.  They ask children to use their creativity to make something out of cardboard and other recyclable materials.  The idea came from the video Caine’s Arcade.  After we watched the video, our brains started working to think of ideas.

IMG_0086Inside of our classroom we saw many creations of our imaginations come to life!  There were robots, dog houses, car washes, and games all made that day.  Seeing what fun we can have with cardboard was wonderful, we don’t need fancy things or computers to have fun.  Click here to find out more about the Global Cardboard Challenge.





What would you make for the Global Cardboard Challenge?