Mystery Skype!


Today we had our FIRST Mystery Skype.  A Mystery Skype is when you video call another class who lives in a different place from you, but you don’t get to know where they live.  You find out where the other class lives based on clues they give you and asking questions.  We were lucky enough to connect with Ms. Weaver’s class in North Carolina.  North Carolina is very far away from us, over 2,000 miles away.  Ms. Weaver’s class taught us a lot of interesting facts about North Carolina.  We learned that they have venus fly traps that grow there.  They have a lot of trees, and not cactus like us.  We are grateful we had the chance to do a Mystery Skype and cannot wait until we get to have another one!  Where is a place you would like to Skype with to learn more about?