Secret Similes

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This week we have been learning about figurative language, more specifically similes.  Our class wrote secret similes to each other.  We each had a note card taped to our back, and went around writing similes on the backs of our friends.  It was a lot of fun.  Everyone was creative and was able to share nice similes with each other.

Smilie 4 girls

We loved when the activity was finished and we were able to read all the wonderful similes written for us.  As a class we discussed how it makes you feel good when your friends say nice things to you.  


 Try writing a simile for one of your friends!  


Choose Your Own Adventure!


Since the first day of school we have been reading Choose Your Own Adventure stories as a whole class.  We love these books!  A Choose Your Own Adventure book is a book where YOU are in charge of the story.  You read a few pages about an adventure, then you are given a choice of what you should do.IMG_1804 Your choice may be to go inside the scary house or run away to get help.   As a class we make predictions about what might happen next, make connections to other books that we have read, and cite evidence from the text to explain why we would or would not make that choice.  It’s a great way to get our whole class involved in the book.  To find out more information about Choose Your Own Adventure books go to their website at  


What kind of adventure would you be most interested in reading about?

About Us


We are a classroom of 27 third graders, 15 girls and 12 boys.  We live in Arizona.  Our class is respectful, smart, and kind.  We are looking forward to working hard this year.  We want to learn many things such as multiplication, social studies, and writing.  There are net books in our classroom that we are very lucky to have the chance to use and learn through.  We can not wait to start blogging!