Stealing from the Rich?

This week in 4th grade we did a Socratic Seminar.  Mostly everybody shares ideas but some kids don’t want to share their ideas.  We talked about Robin Hood. He was stealing for the poor.   What we were talking about was if it right for him to steal money from the rich or not.  We were talking about for 20 minutes, 10 minutes ago, but now it’s probably like 2 days ago for you guys or more.  That is why we did that Socratic Seminar.  Is it still good to steal now a days? I think it is not nice.  By Eli

This week 4th grade we did a Socratic Seminar about Robin Hood and if it is okay to rob the rich to give to the poor.  I said it is okay to rob the rich because if you are poor you might need to get some money.  If you don’t have any money you will starve to death.  You might not have clothes or anything to put on.  You might die if you do not have any money because you are not able to buy food, water, or anything. By Alexis 


Birds and Polar Bears

Yesterday, February 7th, 2018, we did a video conference.  Do you want to know what it was about?  Well, I will tell you.  It was about polar bears!  Also, do you want know were the lady was from?  Well she was from Canada! Are you surprised?  I am, I never knew we were video conferencing a lady from Canada.  She told us all the work she does with polar bears and things we can do to protect them.  It was also shocking to me after that was over we went straight to lunch.  Another thing that was shocking to me was on the 6th, we did another video conference. The other one was about birds.  After that was over we watched a YouTube live stream, that was about birds too!  Those were the two surprising things this week. By Adeline 

This week in 4th grade we did a video conference with a museum about birds and one with a scientist about polar bears.  They taught us different bird adaptations and the different beaks they might have.  Also, the different things they eat with different beaks.  The scientist talked about how polar bears evolve.  They have 3 layers of thick fur,  which is how they stay warm in cold places! By Christian 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dear Mom, I love you because you are nice and you’re sweet like honey.  You make me feel safe when you are near me and when you love me.  You sing my special song when I am sad or when I am feeling down.  I like it when you help me when I don’t know what to do.  I like it when you help me with my homework and I like it when you give me a lot of kisses.  I like it when you say where ever I go I will always have you in my heart and I will be right there next to you.  I love it when you tickle me and make me laugh until I can’t breathe anymore.  I like it when you make me my favorite food and fill the whole kitchen with the smell of spaghetti.  By Ashley

Thanks for the burritos you make.  I love you so much because you are the best mom in the world.  You are an angel.  I like to go to Mexico.  I like the food you make.  Thanks for giving me your phone.  I like this school.  I like your food.  Thanks for the doggy.  Thanks for it mom.  By Jose

Dear Grandma, I love you so much because you make me the happiest little girl in the world.  I love you with all my heart.  You make me breakfast in the morning on the weekends.  You are so nice to me and everyday too.  You have always been there for me since day one.  We have had so much fun in the last 10 years.  You’re so sweet and kind.  You work hard and you never give up.  You’re so smart and a cool grandma.  I love you. Love, Addy

Growth vs Fixed Mindset

January 22nd we started doing an activity about growth vs fixed mindset.  What growth mindset and fixed mindset means is when you talk about how you can get smart and how you can get smart if you think you’re not smart.  You learn to fix your attitude and how to be a good good good student in class and at home too!  If you ever get a chance to try something new you should try it, it is really fun.  All the kids in my class like it too!  Why it is fun is because you get to do activities when your teacher says you can do activities.  Try it! So so so fun! By Adeline

This week we were talking about growth mindset and fixed mindset.  Growth mindset is a belief that despite obstacles and challenges a person can have abilities and achieve goals with motivation, hard work, and practice.  A fixed mindset is the belief that talent and intelligence is something you are born with and can’t be changed.  We do this all day.  By Jose


The Water Cycle


I learned about the water cycle.  I learned about evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and how the water always goes back to the ocean.  The sun heats up the water, that part is invisible.  Then is goes into the clouds.  When the clouds are holding too much water it releases the water.  The water might come down as rain or snow.  Then it goes back to the mountains and forms a river, or it goes underground.  Eventually it goes to the ocean. By Christian


This week in 4th grade we did science.  In science we made pictures about the water cycle.  There are three parts of the water cycle.  Want to learn them?  Here then, okay, condensation, precipitation, and evaporation.  We did a bunch of stuff for the water cycle.  We took notes, read books, and made posters.  By Alexis

Lines and Angles

This week we did practice with right, acute, and obtuse angles.  A right angle is when two lines meet to make 90 degrees.  An acute angles is less than 90 degrees.  An obtuse angles is more than 90 degrees.  We made a game to remember.  You use your arms to play by making the angles with your arms.  The game started off slow, then it got faster and harder.  it was fun.  The game is easy to learn.  I won first place.  That is one thing we did this week.  By Shyenne

This week we learned about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.  The first thing we did was a worksheet about parallel, perpendicular, and intersecting lines.  The second thing is we played a game.  There was a lot of movement to the game.  some of the kids lost on the first try.  The last kid standing was the winner and got a prize from the treasure box.  It was fun but confusing at first.  By Ashley



Odysea Video Conference

Today January 17th, 2018 we did a video conference with Odysea Aquarium.  We learned a couple of facts about penguins, pinnipeds, and other animals.  The workers from the Odysea Aquarium were telling us the facts.  They were both girls.  One fact I learned is that penguins like fish and they eat it all.  Another thing I learned about is some animals, when you give them fish, they eat it whole and they do not chew it just swallow.  It was very fun.  Our teacher said if we were good we could do another video conference.  By Adeline

This week we learned about Odysea Aquarium.  We got to learn about the animals there.  We got to see the penguins and pinnipeds.  My favorite penguin is Jazzy.  We got to learn about the place and what they feed the animals.  All of the animals are so cute.  The place is so cool.  We got to see they the workers don’t just play with the animals all day.  That is what we did this week.  By Gwen

2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Here are my New Year Resolutions for 2018.  I will wake up everyday to brush my teeth.  I will achieve my goal by waking up everyday a little earlier.  Goal 2 is to read books in school and at home.  I will achieve my goal by reading books everyday.  My third goal is behavior and to be calm.  I will achieve my goal by not eating sugar.  Those are my New Year Resolutions for 2018 to be a better person. By Alexis

I have three resolutions for 2018.  My first goal is to get faster in my reading and remember everything I’ve read.  I will read books more and read everyday.  My next goal is to remember all of my math I’ve learned this year.  I will practice all my multiplication and division.  My last goal is to help my mom in the house and to make my bed every morning.  I will listen to my mom and do what she tells me.  These are all of my goals for 2018. By Ashley

This is how I will get better this year.  So my first goal is to score in soccer and to help my friends score goals too.  I will do that by asking my dad to practice with me outside.  My second goal is to practice spelling.  My mom is very good at it.  Which is why I will bring my spelling test and practice with my mom.  My last goal is to make my bed.  I will make my bed every morning.  These are the changes I will make for 2018. By Christian

Tonto National Monument Field Trip

We went on a field trip to Tonto National Monument.  First, we got on the bus.  We saw great things on the way.   It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. When we got there we saw Ranger Jen.  Everyone started screaming.  It took a little bit to start moving.   They decided Ms. Brokaw’s class was going to climb the mountain first. We saw cactus and we even saw the other class from way above on the mountains.  When we arrived at the top, there was a 700 year old building.  We could not touch the walls.  It is very important to them.  They asked us if we could find hand prints on walls, or a fire pit.  We saw a few of them both.  They were in flat ground.  There was a small hole in the ground for a fire pit.  Then we went back down and I almost fell down the hill.  A lot of people were slow because there legs were hurting.  Daniel, Ernesto, and I were acting like drama. When we reached the ground Ranger Jen took us and gave us papers.  There were five plants she showed us what they are used for. Then we went back to school and went home. By Christian

December 20th, 2017 we went to Tonto National Monument.  The first thing we did was we go in the classroom from recess, well morning recess.  Then we put our backpacks down. Next we put our lunch boxes, if we had one, in a basket that Ms. Brokaw had.  After we went to the bathroom or tried to go to the bathroom.  Also we got on the bus with Mrs. Moore’s classroom.  The bus ride was 1 hour and 45 minutes.  That took a long time. Then we finally got there.  The first thing we saw when we got there was Roosevelt Lake.  Then we got off the bus and saw Ranger Jen.  She let us take a bathroom break. she also let us look through a microscope.  After that a ranger named Ranger Will came.  Before I forget Ranger Jen told Mrs. Moore and Ms. Brokaw to pick who went with Ranger Jen or Ranger Will first.  My class got to go with Ranger Will.  What Ranger will did was, we went hiking up for so long every one in my class was being dramatic.  Then after we went on the hike we had lunch.  Oh yeah, my mom also came. I almost forgot to mention my mom.  After lunch we switched.  So then Mrs. Moore went with Ranger Will and we went with Ranger Jen.  What we did with Ranger Jen was we did like a pop quiz.  After we did the quiz we went down and sat on the benches that Ranger Jen had at her work.  We had to draw our favorite thing we learned there.  What I drew was a cactus.  Finally we got done. Then we talked for a little and went to the bathroom again.  Most importantly we got back to the bus.  It was a great day!  By Adeline 


Animal Habitat Science Fair

December 7th we had a science fair.  In case you don’t know what a science fair is, I will tell you.  A science fair is a thing where you have to design something or create something.  What we did for the science fair was, we picked an animal that the teacher had to approve.  The second thing we did for the science fair was, we created our box with the animals we picked out.  The third thing we did was, we painted our boxes however we wanted to paint them.  The fourth thing we did was, we started to put glitter and little animal figures.  The fifth thing we did for the science fair was, we brought back our boxes that we worked on at home on Wednesday and we waited for the next day to come.  Then it was finally Thursday and we went to the cafeteria.  This lady put down tables so we could put our projects on the table.  Then we had to wait for Mrs. Moore’s class to come to the cafeteria then we could start.  The last thing we did for our project was we waited for the judges to come.  The judges were Mr.Bravo, Mr.Stern, and Chief Kelly.  Then they picked who got to win.  The kids that won in our class were Cody, Ruth,and Emily.  After they announced the winners we got our projects and left to the playground to play until the bell rang then we left.  By Adeline 


Hi my name is Eli.  What I did to my box was I got a box and I got materials for my box.  I got 3 toilet paper rolls.  Before I glued it, I painted my sky light blue and my grass green.  I did like little hills for my animal then I put a little pond in the middle of my jungle.  Then I put my trees glued down my box then we decorated our boxes.  Then we waited for Thursday because Thursday was our science fair.  That was when Chief Kelly, Mr.Bravo, and Mr.Stern came.  They were the judges.  Where we went is our cafeteria and we voted for whose is the best.  Well, the judges were the ones that voted, not us. While they were voting some other grades came to see our projects.  By Eli