Observations and Inferences


This week in science we learned about observations and inferences.  Observations are when you use your five senses to gather information.  Your five senses are smell, sight, taste, hear, and touch.  Inferences is when you come up with an idea using evidence.  We did a chip project using our senses.  We were given a chip and we had to remember what our chip looked like with our observations.  The next day we tried to find our chip from all the other kids chips.  We did chicken in a cup next.  It was where we used string, a paper clip, and a cup to try a make a chicken noise.  It worked!  It was so much fun.  We did one bad thing.  We did a gummy bear project.  We put gummy bears in salt water, vinegar, and baking soda water to see what would happen.  What was so wrong is we got to taste them.  The salt water gummy bear tasted like I was drowning in the ocean.  By Farrah

This week in science we learned about observations and inferences.  An observation is information gathered using your 5 senses.  Inferences are making a guess using evidence.  Once science project we did was a chip project.  The first thing we did is, our teacher gave us a Doritos.  Then, we had to describe our chip.  Next we had to give our teacher our chip.  Then the next day, we had to take our observations to see if we could find our chip.  The the other science we did was the gummy bear project.  First thing our teacher gave us our gummy bears.  We put the gummy bears in cups with salt water, vinegar, and baking soda water.  The next day we took them out to see how they changed.  By Emily R

The First Week of Fourth Grade!

This week we had so much fun.  We even made things and did some projects and activities.  We had some sticky notes inside of our desk buckets.  In the morning we answered a question on a little white board by writing on the sticky notes.  The questions were like what is the kindest thing you have ever done for someone else?  We also did a project with cups, 4 pieces of string, and a rubber band.  The rules were we couldn’t touch the cup.  We had to only use the rubber band and string to make a pyramid.  We did another project too, the marshmallow challenge.  We did a coloring page with mindful saying to help decorate out classroom, our reading Star test, and so many more fun things.  We have been reading the third book of Harry Potter.  We are still doing Prodigy for math.  Hopefully we are still doing Skypes and coding games.  By Sara

In 4th grade we did an alien scavenger hunt. The aliens took our principal and we had to find him.  We followed the envelopes and answered the clues.  We did the marshmallow challenge.  We had to make a tower with spaghetti, string, and tape.  We ended up in first place.  It was so much fun.  By Emily R


The Marshmallow Challenge

One thing we did that was fun was the marshmallow challenge.  The materials were tape, string, a marshmallow, and spaghetti.  We had to build the tallest tower with only 15 minutes. It was really fun and hard.  I hope we can do it again.  It was the best thing I have ever done.    By Adeline





This Thursday we did lots of stuff.  One was the marshmallow challenge.  That was where we got spaghetti sticks, 1 marshmallow, tape, and string.  We tried to make a tower.  We got to chose our own groups.  My friend and I were trying to make a tower.  We tried but we could not.  We needed more tape but we still tried our best.  One group did make a tower and they won.  I am happy that they won because we are friends.  I had lots of fun with my friends and my teacher.  By Ruth

Cup Stacking Challenge



This week in 4th grade we did a challenge.  The challenge was the cup stacking challenge.  The rules of the challenge were you can’t touch the cups and you have to make a pyramid.  The materials were cups, a rubber band, and 4 pieces of string.  My group tried hard to solve the problem.  We got a rubber band and we took the string.  We tied the string to the rubber band.  Then we used the rubber band to move the cups.  I had a fun time with my friends.  By Ruth


We did a cup stacking challenge.  So what we did was try to make a pyramid out of cups without touching the cups.  We had 4 pieces of string and one rubber band.  What my group did was tie the string to the rubber band and then pulled the string to open and close the rubber band.  Then we put the rubber band on the cups.  It was really fun!  By Gwen 





Aqueducts and Canals

This week was fun because we got to do a project about aqueducts and canals.  We read about and looked at pictures of aqueducts and canals.  Then we got into groups.  We went to the makerspace room and started to build.  We got different bags with bricks inside to build an aqueduct or canal.  Most people finished but I did not.  It was fun anyways.  By:Antony

This week in third grade we learned about aqueducts and canals.  We went to the makerspace room to do a project about them.  We got to use blocks to make an aqueduct or canal.  We were the second ones to make it work! By: Madison




Last week in third grade we made spring poem wreaths.  First, we wrote the poems about spring.  We had to find verbs that ended in -ing, we had to find nouns, and write a short sentence.  Second, we colored very pretty flowers and cut them.  We cut leaves.  Last, we glued the flowers and then the leaves.  I liked making the wreath because I got to color and I got to see how the rest of the class colored the flowers.  All of the wreaths looked so beautiful.  By Madison

We’ve been working on spring poem flowers.  First we had to write a poem.  Mine was about butterflies.  Next we glued on flowers and leaves around our poems.  Next we cut the paper behind it.  Then is was a wreath. By Gwen

What the American Flag Means to Me

We did a flag writing contest.  We had to write what it means to us.  We also got certificates for participating and turning it into our teacher.  The winner was Madison.  She won ten dollars for doing the best.  It was sad because she was not there for that day to get the prize.  Also, we all got a key chain that was a flag for our back pack.  By: Adeline

We did a writing about what the American flag means to you.  Mrs Chang gave us a certificate and I got one! My name is Eli.  A lot of other kids got one too.  The smartest girl in our class, Madison, she got a certificate and ten dollars.  She is so lucky!  I didn’t think anyone from our class would win.  By: Eli

We wrote a challenge about what the American flag means to me.  Today they announces the names of the winners at the flag ceremony.  By: Sara


Graphing Fun

Today our blog is about a bar graph.  The first thing is we did our questions.  The second thing is to do our answer choices.  Then we ask the kids.  I asked what is your favorite book.  Harry Potter got 4 votes, Beetle got 1, Baby Mouse for 2, and How to Take Care of Puppies for 3.  Harry Potter won!  After you ask kids you make your graph.  By Ruth

First I got my bar graph paper.  Then I made a question.  Then I went around the classroom asking people what is your favorite sport.  Then I tally marked it.  After that I made it into a bar graph.  Then I turned it in to the teacher.  By Max

Field Trip!

Last week we went on a field trip.  First we got on the bus.  Next we went to the Mesa Arts Center.  We sat in the theater.  Then we did get some magazines.  Nest we watched a presentation on underwater caves and the deep blue holes of the Bahamas.  Then we got back on the bus.  Next we got back to school.  A special thanks to Mrs. Moore for setting everything up for us.  That was last week in third grade.  By Dominic


We went on a field trip.  We got on a bus.  We went to the Mesa Arts Center.  Then
we sat down.  It was fancy and huge.  They gave us magazines.  Then they did a presentation about underwater caves.  Last we went back to school.  By Dulce



Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone


fullsizer-5img_0367Harry Potter is a book.  In the book a boy is named Harry Potter.  His parents died so he lived with his horrible Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon and Cousin Dudley.  How did his family die you ask, well it all started when Harry was a baby.  This evil wizard Voldemort was trying to kill his parents and him.  Voldemort did kill his mom and dad but instead of killing Harry, Voldemort just gave him a little lightening bolt scar.  My favorite part is when Harry meets Hermione.  Hermione is one of his best friends.  She helps him pass his tests.  Harry Potter is a good book because it is funny, sad, and good all at the same time. By Helen


Harry Potter is a book about a wizard.  His parents died and Harry got rich and famous because he survived You Know Who.  My favorite part is when Harry Potter wins a fight against You Know Who.  I liked it because when they were fighting Harry’s hands burned You Know Who.  Harry Potter is a great book because it is very exciting and you never know what is going to happen.  By Antony


img_0366We just finished Harry Potter.  It was about Harry Potter.  He figures out that he is a wizard and he goes to wizard school.  He finds out that Voldemort is after the sorcerer’s stone.  Harry had to pass through traps to get to the sorcerer’s stone.  My favorite part was when Harry fights Voldemort and when Harry first meets Hermione.  By Gwen