Benchmarks, and Reports Cards, and Spring Break, Oh My!


I hope you all have a fun and relaxing Spring Break planned at home or on a trip. We are done with Quarter 3, and have completed Benchmarks. A copy of Benchmark Scores, and Report Cards will be sent home after Spring Break.  Please encourage students to read, read, read, read, read, Read, Read, Read, READ, READ, READ over Spring Break! At least 30 minutes per day is the new STAAR standards for Quarter 4 students in 6th grade. Parent support on this is really appreciated.

There was a lot of growth this year, and I am so proud of each student’s effort. Every one is eagerly anticipating Spring Break. Here is a candid photo from this morning.  🙂

For our Classroom, here are the Reading and Math scores for Pretest, BM1, BM2, and Posttest…..

Reading Pretest: 60.27%
BM1 : 64.55%
BM 2: 68.53%
Posttest: 68.57% *Out of 25 standards, our class beat the AJUSD district average in 23 standards.

Math Pretest: 47.21%
BM1 : 70%
BM 2: 76.35%
Posttest: 70.29%  *Out of 39 standards, our class beat the AJUSD district average in 36 standards. 


I am sending home a request for classroom donations. Thank you very much for the generous donations in the beginning of the year, as it has lasted 3/4 of this year! 🙂

In Quarter 4 we will continue with the Reading Log that is signed and due on Mondays. My math students will receive math packets each week (due the following Monday) in preparation for AZmerit testing. The math kids who see Ms. Wells kids will have their normal work from her.

Happy Spring Break,

Mrs Wirth

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