Progress Reports


Progress Reports window closes on Thursday Feb 7th. If you need help with your username or password you can contact the from office-or ask your student to login with their information 🙂 I will have grades done by Feb 3rd for this Progress Report.

In Math we have two standards this week –
G.A.04 – I can solve real world problems by finding surface area for three dimensional figures using nets with fractional edges.
G.A.02 – I can find the missing side length of a right rectangular prism given a volume and fractional side lengths.

For Reading we are doing RI.08 – I can analyze the meaning of figurative, connotative, and technical meanings of words and phrases in text.


Thursday February 9th is our Valentines Day Dance – hope to see you there!!! 


From left to right: a candid photo of our blended learning environment working in small groups and at the Utable, the AJ Rangers presenting a donation for our inclusive playground equipment, student Oliva Scalmato placed 2nd at the Elk’s National Hoop Shoot Contest ages 10-11


Some supplies we could use help restocking:


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