Quarter 3


I can’t believe we are already in Quarter 3 🙂
Reminder, there is no school Monday January 16th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

A big compliment to all students in my room, every one came back ready to learn and focused! I was very impressed with their behavior the first day back in school. Here are some photos from the first day back and some information about changes……



Our biggest push this Quarter is Nonfiction Reading. Nonfiction text comprehension and analysis seems to be where most students are struggling, and that will be my main area of focus in the classroom.

Students have new AR goals and teams, please ask your student what their goal is. Each student has the most challenging goal this Quarter. In order to help them be successful, I decided to eliminate their packets/worksheets of homework for Quarter 3. Instead, each student is required to complete their 20 minutes Reading Log every night. This can be a Fiction or Nonfiction book. Internet articles and magazines will not count this Quarter.

Each student is also receiving an additional 20 min Independent Reading time after Recess every day. If they were to combine their total Independent Reading time per day it would be:

20 min during our English Language Arts Block + 20 min after Recess + 20 min Reading Log at home
= 60 min of Reading per day!

Reading Logs will be due the following Monday per usual. The accountability piece to this, is that if a student is not attempting their Reading Log for each night, they will owe 1 ICU during lunch (theimg_4555 following week) for each day not attempted.


Here is an AR Timeline. I am requiring every student to make at least 50% of their goal without being accountable for a consequence. Everyone should be able to achieve their goal by March 2nd. The AR party will be the week of March 6th.
1/19 -> Students must have at least 1 AR test taken by this date, or will spending lunches catching up.

2/2 -> Students must be at 30% of their AR goal or higher, or will spend lunches catching up

2/9 -> Students must be at 50% of their goal, or spend lunches catching up.

2/23 -> Students should be at 80% of their goal

3/2 -> Students should be at 95% of their goal


Our classroom average for the Quarter 2 Reading Benchmark was 68.53% that is up from our Pretest (August) average of 64.55%! For our Post Test Quarter 3 Benchmark which will be the week of Feb 27-March 3 I am aiming for a class average of 72%!


Our class average for Quarter 2 Math Benchmark was 76.35% that is up from our Pretest (August) average of 47.21%! For our Post Test Quarter 3 Benchmark which will be the week of Feb 27-March 3 I am aiming for a class average of 80%!


The last thing I want to announce and clarify is Report Cards. Report Cards for Reading and Math scored Quarter 1 and Quarter 2 based on performance in the classroom (participation), formative and parallel scores.

For Quarter 3, there will be no formative or parallel scores for each standard in the Gradebook. Those scores will be replaced by scores for each standard on on the student’s Benchmark. For 99% of students, this works in their favor as Benchmarks are summative, and take img_4553place after multiple Reteach and Tutoring sessions giving the student more TIME to master a concept. I have a wide range of learners in this class from SPED to Gifted, and across the board the majority of students did better on their Benchmarks than they did in classroom Test performance. It’s fair that their Report Card grade should reflect their effort.

For the 1% of students who would not benefit, these are students who choose to blow off their Benchmark tests. I do my best to install confidence and self esteem into each student to try their best. This decision comes after recommendation and conversations with other faculty members and Mrs. Smith.

Participation (completing classroom assignments) will still help support students’ grades, so that their entire grade is not based off of 1 standardized test. That would be unfair, and I understand that. If you have any questions please email me, or you can email Mrs. Smith pasmith@goaj.org



Thank You for reading, and have a nice week!


Mrs Wirth

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