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Here is some News on what is happening at DVES, in 6th grade, and in our classroom….

Our AR Raffle Board for 100% scores is full! 🙂 Today is the drawing for $20 – winner takes all!

We have a Spelling Bee today from 9am to 11am. These students are competing from our class: Olivia, Malia, Alex, Izak, and Allie. *Update* Allie McAdams won the 4th-6th grade Spelling Bee and will go on to compete at the District Spelling Bee in January. YAY!!!!! *

Science Projects are due Monday Dec 19th, Science Fair is Dec 21st time TBD (a flyer will come home).

We did Reading Benchmark last week and our classroom raw score average was higher than the district average in 5 standards, and we tied for 1 standard. For the Math Benchmark, our classroom raw score average was higher than the district average in 8 standards, and we tied for 1 standard. I was so impressed with the scores (a reflection of the student’s efforts) that we will be celebrating with a Nachos Party on Thursday this week (Dec 15th)!!!!

***Ask your student how they performed on their Benchmark, they can pull up their Data Doc from their Google Drive on any computer, phone, or tablet.***

Thur Dec 22nd is our last day of school, and it will be a half day. The plan is to have a cookie decorating party, and AR party for the students who met 90% of their goal with 85% comprehension or higher.
Our compliment chair is almost to the ground. Students get one link for every compliment they get from another staff member here on campus. Once the chain link hits the ground the class earns a pizza party. We are trying to hit the ground before Winter Break! 🙂

There will be a field trip to the Science Center Museum in Phoenix (date not set, either Feb or March). Also, we will be going to the Butterfly Museum in May.

The annual 6th grade Kickball Game is March 2nd.

Have A Wonderful Week!

Mrs Wirth

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