Benchmark #2


Next Week, Dec 5- Dec 8th is our 2nd Benchmark. Students who are in my room for Math will receive a Parent Handbook Review Packet this week for the students to work on in preparation. Please encourage your student to complete the packet so they can find any remaining gaps they have not yet mastered. If your student….


… struggling with a particular concept (for example: graphing inequalities on a number line) they can always type into Google or Youtube “graphing inequalities on a numberline” and videos will come up to reinforce what they have already learned in class. The internet is a powerful resource, please use it! 🙂


Please ask your student about their AR progress. All of the teams have moved up the board, so there has been tremendous progress this Quarter. As of today, they should be at 75% of their goal. Our party is Dec 15th and they need to be at 90% of their goal with 85% or better comprehension to attend the party.


Have a Nice Week,


Mrs Wirth





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