Science Project and Thanksgiving


Next week we only have school on Monday and Tuesday.  There will be no tutoring on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wednesday and Thursday there will be no school! 6th grade is having a Pie Party on Tuesday. Please check your student’s backpack for a flyer with information.

Students also took home a weekly agenda/timeline for what will be done at school, and what is expected to be done at home, as well as a rubric for their Science Project…….

Projects will be due Dec 19th. We spent Mon-Wed this week in class deciding on a project, creating a question, writing a hypothesis, and identifying the independent and dependent variables. On Thursday we wrote down our materials and procedures. I am impressed with the ownership students have taken over their projects – great Mustang Pride!


AR Teams started this Quarter. Ask your student how they are doing with their AR goal progress, and how their team is doing…………

These are the team names: Chanclas, Mighty Mermaids, Lucky Strikes, Hot Shots, Lava Destroyers, Goal Diggers. A little competition seems to be just the ticket to motivation this quarter! AR raffle board is still going strong. As of today, I have about 23 spaces left until we draw for the winner = $20 cash.

Progress Report grades were posted on Monday this week! Grades are current and up to date for this week as well.


Next week in Math we are working on, creating, solving, and graphing inequalities to represent real world problems. In Reading we will be analyzing the authors point of view and purpose in a text; and provide evidence to show how they are conveyed.


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