Last Week of Quarter 1

I can’t believe Quarter 1 is almost done already! This is our last week before Fall Break. On Wednesday we have a special presentation in class from the high school about 6th grade leadership.

I will be updating the grade book, and I will meet with each student on Monday to conference about any missing work.  As a reminder, the only thing that can not be made up is class participation points. Worksheets, Quizzes, Projects, and Homework can all be made up with no late point penalty. Class participation is a matter of effort, and being motivated to make every moment a learning moment. If a student is choosing not to participate in class assignments it will be reflected in their overall grade. Please check with the front office to get your username and password for ParentVue, students are able to login to StudentVue.


Ask your student about their AR goal and progress. AR goals are set in the beginning of the year and renew each Quarter. The way AR is set up, is to help students THRIVE no matter what reading level they start at. It is a fair system because a student who struggles with reading will have a lower goal, and a lowed ZPD (this was on the diagnostic I sent home and got signed) than a student who is fluent or above grade level. If you ask your student about their progress, and they say, “I don’t know,” they are not being truthful.

Each student looks at their AR goal/progress in class daily, every student knows where they are on their progress because of conferences with the teacher. The only reason to be concerned is if your student is still below 50 to 70% of their goal. For example, if their goal is 6 points, and they have only earned 8% of their goal, that means they have managed to read ONE book (in 8 weeks) that is in their reading range, and have only taken 1 (five question) test. Or it could mean they clicked through the tests without trying, and scored too low for it to count towards their progress.

If your student is at 90% of their goal and 85% comprehension they will be able to attend the AR party hosted by the school!
I tried my best to get every student to qualify, and some did while other chose not to.  Our raffle board is not full yet, there is still room for 100’s% 🙂

In Math we are going to be learning about the relationship between positive and negative integers. We will investigating adding and subtracting, and explaining absolute value in real world problems. For example: When you went to sleep the temperature was 72 degrees, and when you woke up the temperature was -2 degrees. How many degrees did the temperature drop from the time you went to sleep until the time you woke up? Answer: The temperature dropped 74 degrees     72-(-2) = 72+2 = 74

I have a new website to use that I am very excited about called One thing I really like about Youtube is the ability to pull up material we are covering so that students can be taught from an additional teacher’s style. Edpuzzle is interactive and requires the student to complete tasks/questions before moving on in the video. This week we will be using Edpuzzle videos through our Google Classroom for Social Studies (ancient China) and Math! 🙂

In Reading we are focusing on citing strong evidence to support inferences in Literature. To support this standard I have chosen an excerpt from Robinson Crusoe for the students to read, analyze, and discuss.

Gifted students are moving on from their Ancient Egypt Projects, and are learning how to create Tree Maps on Excel/Google Sheets by using information about Ancient Egypt. Parents please check their Google Classroom “Enrichment” for more info.

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