Long Weekend


Hopefully you are ready for a nice long 4 days weekend! Next week is the start of a new month so students will be taking home new Behavior Calendars and Reading Logs. Grades for Progress Reports for Quarter 1 will close at midnight on September 8th.¬†I conference with students every day to let them know if they have holes in the grade book. Parents/Guardians have the ability to look at grades online through ParentVue, and so do the students. Please don’t wait until Sept 7th to make up an assignment. We have 6 post it’s on our AR Raffle Board for students with 100% on an AR test. That means there are 94 spots left! ūüôā


Here is what’s on the agenda for next week (Sept 6- Sept 8th)……………………………..

Math: I can use multiple steps to solve word problems where the solution is in unite rate terms. Click here for examples
More Examples

Reading: I can compare and contrast multiple authors presentation of an event, and evaluate the impact of the different presentations.
Kid Friendly Version of how to do this with Non-Fiction


Academic Examples

Science: I can analyze the impact of large-scale weather systems on the local weather. The Gulf Stream Explained

Social Studies: I can describe the religious traditions of the Sumeria (Mesopotamia), India, Egypt, China, and Middle East.  *Students will be reading our World History text book and creating posters for a museum art walk in class

Writing: I can write arguments to support solid claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.  *We will be writing an argumentative essay through GC English
Tuesday and Wednesday this week, the Gifted Students have an Enrichment project on Ancient Egypt they will be working on in class through their Google Classroom.



Reading Buddies with our 1st grade class! photo credit: Pat Smith 

Enjoy your long weekend!

-Mrs Wirth

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