Parent Reports for AR

Happy Wednesday,

I am sending home Parent Reports for AR in the student’s black folders this evening. Please review and sign. Feel free to keep the report if you like, and just send back the bottom as a slip 🙂 My goal is to send out a TOPS report to keep you updated once per Quarter, but you are always welcome to login to your student’s account and check any time you like.

Click Here for Parent’s Guide to AR and Common Questions

In class, I have started a contest for motivation. Below is a picture of our AR board. You can see there is A-J on one side and 1-10 on the top. Any time a student takes an AR test on a book that is in their range, and gets 100% the student can pick any square. Students can take as many tests to earn as many squares as they like. Once the squares are filled up, we will have a drawing by picking one letter and one number. The winner gets $20 from me.


Students have a Reading Log that you sign for Mon-Thur. Most students choose to read their AR books for their 20 min of evening reading. However, in order to foster a love for reading I think it’s important to allow students to choose texts that interest them. So, if your student chooses to read newspaper articles Online, a comic book, or even a magazine that is acceptable for their 20 min reading. Any time spent on their Homework packet (except for Math) can be counted towards their 20 min of reading.

Curriculum Night will be Aug 31st. The purpose of Curriculum Night is to empower parents to know the expectations. Very often parents feel left out, and this is an opportunity to be included in what will be happening with your student’s education this year. There are 2 sessions to give families with more the one student an opportunity to attend 2 classrooms. You can come from 5:00-5:45 or from 6:00-6:45.

The first 30 minutes will be a presentation of 6th grade curriculum, different technology we are using in the classroom, and a chance to see some projects we have been working on. The last 15 minutes will be for answering any Questions you have.


Mrs Wirth

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