Water Cycle Project




We are off to a great start for week 2! Most students brought a completed Homework packet, and their Reading Log and Behavior Calendar signed by a parent/guardian. If you have not signed, please remind your student to get that to you so you can see how their days are going 🙂

We are starting a Water Cycle Project this week. There are two parts to the project; a visual component and a paper. Below is a link to the full instructions, and students have a copy in their GREEN Science folder. This is meant to be a classroom project. However, if students choose to complete their visual component at home I have given them the option.


The project is due Monday 8/22/16. I will be giving students plenty of time in class to complete the visual component and their paper in class if they choose to do it at school. If students want to do their visual component at home I am allowing it. For students who choose to do a Powerpoint, of course they can complete it during class time. Please talk with your student about what they plan to do. The paper can either be printed at home and turned in physically, or the students can upload their paper into their Google Classroom for Science.

Click Here for Water Cycle Project Instructions

Have a Great Week,

Mrs Wirth

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