Welcome to Quarter 4

We had a great first day back! Every student was ready to get right back into the swing of things and it made for a really smooth day.

In Math we are moving forward with 7th grade Quarter 1 standards. This week’s is adding and subtracting rational numbers, and interpreting sums in real world contexts. In order to solve, students need to recall concepts already learned this year. It keeps them engaged in what they are learning!

In Reading we are filling in any gaps not mastered on the Posttest Benchmark in preparation for AZMERIT. 🙂


Students have a homework packet each week this Quarter, in addition to their Reading Log. Please go to the Cactus Canyon Information Night on Wednesday. Your student has a flyer in their backpack!


There will be no tutoring this Quarter.




Mrs Wirth

Benchmarks, and Reports Cards, and Spring Break, Oh My!


I hope you all have a fun and relaxing Spring Break planned at home or on a trip. We are done with Quarter 3, and have completed Benchmarks. A copy of Benchmark Scores, and Report Cards will be sent home after Spring Break.  Please encourage students to read, read, read, read, read, Read, Read, Read, READ, READ, READ over Spring Break! At least 30 minutes per day is the new STAAR standards for Quarter 4 students in 6th grade. Parent support on this is really appreciated.

There was a lot of growth this year, and I am so proud of each student’s effort. Every one is eagerly anticipating Spring Break. Here is a candid photo from this morning.  🙂

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Valentines Day Party and Art Walk

Hello Parents,

We are having our Valentines Day Party tomorrow Tuesday, from 12:15-1:10. The foods are chip and dip, with root beer floats. If you are able to send a bag of chips, a dip, or a jug of rootbeer to school that would be great! I have plenty of plates and cups.

Please join us for an Art walk of our Art projects for Cells: Plants vs Animals. This will be Wednesday from 2:25-3:00. Come any time in that window to walk around and look at the projects.


Mrs Wirth

Progress Reports


Progress Reports window closes on Thursday Feb 7th. If you need help with your username or password you can contact the from office-or ask your student to login with their information 🙂 I will have grades done by Feb 3rd for this Progress Report.

In Math we have two standards this week –
G.A.04 – I can solve real world problems by finding surface area for three dimensional figures using nets with fractional edges.
G.A.02 – I can find the missing side length of a right rectangular prism given a volume and fractional side lengths.

For Reading we are doing RI.08 – I can analyze the meaning of figurative, connotative, and technical meanings of words and phrases in text.


Thursday February 9th is our Valentines Day Dance – hope to see you there!!! 


From left to right: a candid photo of our blended learning environment working in small groups and at the Utable, the AJ Rangers presenting a donation for our inclusive playground equipment, student Oliva Scalmato placed 2nd at the Elk’s National Hoop Shoot Contest ages 10-11


Some supplies we could use help restocking:


Quarter 3


I can’t believe we are already in Quarter 3 🙂
Reminder, there is no school Monday January 16th in observation of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

A big compliment to all students in my room, every one came back ready to learn and focused! I was very impressed with their behavior the first day back in school. Here are some photos from the first day back and some information about changes……


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