November 19, 2011
by Mrs. Hamman

Green Screen Experiment

We have been inspired by all the great student-made movies we have seen on the Internet. We especially like the chromakey green screen videos created by Mr. Avery’s class. On Saturday, two students came to Saturday Academy to create a green screen video of their own.

Before we got to school,Mrs. Hamman had downloaded some stock video footage and photos to use as our backgrounds. We planned a rough idea for our script, then tacked up a canvas green screen at the front of the room and filmed in front of it. We only had an hour and a half to write, film and edit the movie, so we just kept our first take each time (except for the two bloopers you see at the end of the video!) After we filmed, we edited the movie, adding titles, music and transitions. Since we were borrowing Mrs. Hamman’s Mac we used iMovie to create our movie. We thought it was pretty simple to use, but there are many other ways to make green screen videos. Mr. Avery has some great tutorials that explain a variety of methods.

Here is our first green screen experiment! What do you think?

Here are few things we learned from our first video:

1. What you wear in front of the screen is really important! Unless you want to look like the Invisible Man, your clothes can’t have even a hint of green on them.

2. We should have used a tripod to hold the camera still during filming. The movement of the camera is more noticeable when you replace the actual background.

3. Making a green screen video is really fun! We look forward to experimenting more with this technology.

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