May 13, 2015
by Mrs. Hamman's Class
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Picture It 2015

Picture It

Our bulletin board for Picture It 2015

Picture It is another great collaborative project from Projects By Jen. With this project, we are matched with 23 other classes to create a work of art. This year the theme was “Quilts”.

We looked at pictures of quilts online and noticed the detail and symmetry in the patterns. You must need to be a good mathematician to be a quilter!

We noticed that some quilt blocks had a circular design. This led to our exploring mandalas. A mandala is a symmetrical, circular design with geometric shapes. These designs are meaningful in many cultures and religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, and some Native American tribes. We watched this video of Tibetan monks creating a mandala out of sand. Watch it to the end to see what happens to it!

For our quilt block for Picture It, we decided to create our own mandala artwork. Some of us colored designs we found online, while others used stencils to create our own geometric designs. Here are some of the blocks we made to send to other classes.



The image at the top of this post shows the artwork we’ve received from other classes so far. It’s been interesting to see their pictures and read the information they sent with them! We are going to use the information from other classes to answer these math questions. You’ll see the answers in the comments!

Our class is the largest of the classes in our group (so far). What is the range of class sizes?

What is the mean of the class sizes?

Total all the boys and all the girls in all the classes from California. What is the ratio of boys to girls?

What is the ratio of boys to girls in our class?

January 29, 2015
by Mrs. Hamman

Fifth Grade Connections

This morning, we realized that at one time, all three of our fifth grade classes were connecting with other people, using three different methods! Mr. Hendrie’s class was using Zoom to video conference with other classes and a scientist at the Denver Museum of Museum of Nature and Science.  Mr. Maijala’s class was talking about math with Mr. Lockwood’s class, using Skype. Our class was in a Google Hangout with Mrs. Renzulli’s class learning about measurement conversions and how they are used in real life. Yesterday we connected with other classes in a completely different way, a Twitter chat with the #stu2stuchat (Student to Student) hashtag!

Google Hangout

Google Hangout

It’s kind of amazing to think that just a few years ago, students hardly ever had the chance to connect with others outside the classroom. Now we do it all the time!

How do you think connecting with other people helps you learn? 

November 6, 2014
by Mrs. Hamman's Class

Fifth Grade Math Challenge

Question mark sign
Photo Credit: Colin Kinner via Compfight

Tomorrow, our fifth grade class is going to have a video conference with Mr. Lockwood’s students, who go to a school a few miles away from ours. We’ve decided to challenge each other to solve some fraction word problems, since that’s what we’re both working on in math. Our questions for Mr. Lockwood’s class are below. (Any of our other readers are welcome to post their solutions, too; we just won’t publish your solution until after we talk to Mr. Lockwood’s class!)

These questions are modified versions of problems in this great math book: 5th Grade Math Journals.


There are two dozen muffins on a plate. 1/6 of the muffins are chocolate. 7/12 of the muffins are banana. The rest are cinnamon. How many muffins are cinnamon?


Jenny collected 2 5/6 of a bin of newspapers to recycle. Sam collected 3 1/2 times as many newspapers as Jenny.

(a) How many bins of newspapers did Sam collect?

(b) What is the difference between the number of bins Sam collected and the number Jenny collected?

EXTRA CHALLENGE: Can you show the answers to these problems using models or manipulatives?


September 30, 2014
by Mrs. Hamman's Class

Fraction Nation

Last Saturday a group of students came to our classroom to learn more about creating videos. We made green screen videos and stop motion videos, and learned how to edit in some special effects. Look for some examples of our new skills as we make videos to share our learning throughout the year!

One site we liked was called GoAnimate. It lets you create animated videos with your own characters. Eva made one to advertise a math game we’re going to be starting soon, Fraction Nation. Check it out below!

Fraction Nation by Hamman Team5 on GoAnimate


August 29, 2014
by Mrs. Hamman's Class

A Peek At Our Week

We’ve been so busy ever since school started! We are learning more about blogging so that we can start our own individual student blogs. We plan to have them set up in time to participate in the Student Blogging Challenge in September.

Here are pictures showing a few of the things we did last week. Students will be writing separate blog posts to explain about what we learned from each of these activities.

We had our first Mystery Skype of the year. For the fourth year in a row, our first Mystery Skype partner was Mr. Haney’s class!


In math, we worked on ordering and comparing decimals. We played Aerobic Decimals to show decimals in expanded and standard notation.


We had our weekly Poetry Open Mic, where students shared both original and published poetry. We discussed the theme of each poem we heard.


We learned about the Peace Crane Project. We read the story Sadako’s Paper Cranes and Lessons of Peace on traditional Japanese story cards called kamishibai. Then we learned about how to fold origami cranes. We will be exchanging cranes with a school in India for the 2014 International Day of Peace.


We learned about blogging and how to write thoughtful comments by doing paper blogging with our About Me pages. Soon we’ll be writing these pages online!


 What did you learn this week? 



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